Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I won a Menasor on eBay the other day for $150, which was cheaper than I expected.  I've come to realize that by actually bidding on an auction instead of just going the "Buy It Now" route, I can get stuff cheaper.  Is it me, or are prices getting cheaper?  I've seen Menasors going for around $200 before I won this auction.  If so, that's awesome for me.  This one was missing Wildrider's gun, but I'd be shocked if one missing gun was worth $50.  Anyway, on to the pictures of my newest purchase.


I went with the configuration that most often shows up in the comics.  I've always wanted a Menasor, and now I have him.  I have a Motormaster that doesn't have any accessories, a broken Breakdown, and two Wildriders.  One thing that I never noticed about Menasor is how short he is.  He's shorter than Bruticus.  Still, it was a nice purchase.  That's 5 down, 44 left to go until I hit 400.

Stunticons in vehicle mode
Stunticons in robot mode

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