Sunday, July 1, 2012

Random Thoughts

I finally joined shmax the other day.  Over the course of a work day, I updated my collection on the site and was pleasantly surprised. Currently, I'm ranked #438! I was thinking if be around #900, but I guess my collection is bigger than I thought. Then again, I did add in figures that I don't count towards my goal of 400. Doubles and figures no longer on display, that sort of thing.

Speaking of the magic number of 400, my collection currently stands at 365, which is a decent number considering my narrow parameters, I suppose. With that in mind, I've decided to scrap my original plan of getting to 400. I'm now going to attempt to get every G1 figure I can to get a complete set. There may be some reissues or Encore figures (There already are quite a few), but there will not be any knockoffs. I figured that once I factor in the next wave of Generations and Masterpiece figures, I'll hit 400 before Christmas, and that makes me sad.

Masterpiece Sunstorm releases next month and I'm still torn about getting him. I've had him preordered since he was announced, but now I'm having doubts. I've always tended to just get figures that I like, which is why I never got MP Ultra Magnus, but I've never been fond of the Sunstorm character. I have the Ehobby release, but that was more because I love the Seeker mold. This will be a decision I'll most likely make at the last minute.

Ive been thinking about participating in the online fandom again. It's been years since I've really joined a forum or message board. I'm just not sure which forum to join. I still have an account at the AllSpark, so maybe I'll start there.

I really want a Headmaster. Guess its off to eBay...


  1. All the cool people post over at the forums!

    What Headmaster are you going after? I'm currently working on piecing together Apeface.

  2. I'm not sure which Headmaster I'm going for yet. I've been lusting after Hardhead for years now, so maybe him. Or Brainstorm. Or Apeface. I just really want a Headmaster.

    Think I may check out TWF2005.

  3. Haha, you're coming down with the sickness! Good luck on all the G1's, it can be quite an adventure!

    I post on both TFW and Allspark, I think the quality of discussion is slightly higher on Allspark but the frequency is definitely higher on TFW. Also TFW has the social groups where I spend a majority of my time nowadays. I've never been fond of Seibertron much, but I do know a few people who love it over there.

    1. Yes, the sickness has definitely taken it's hold. Even though I've vowed to take a few weeks off from buying to focus on cleaning and other projects, I've been scouring eBay multiple times a day looking for more. Damn addiction.

  4. Hahaha, I did caution you about shmax when you first started the blog. Shmax is good, but will make you want to get more and more. I think Arkvander actually wrote something about it at his blog.

    As to headmasters, my favorites were definitely Apeface and Snapdragons - not only were they headmasters, they were also triple changers!