Sunday, June 17, 2012

They Call Me Landmine Because I...Mine The Land...

So I was all intent on making my return to buying complete Transformers with a splash. Instead I got Landmine. Don't get me wrong, Landmine is a great Pretender. He's just no MIB Shockwave.

Landmine isn't my favorite Pretender. That's a toss up between Waverider, Skullgrin and Gunrunner. But, I saw Landmine on eBay for super cheap, and I pounced. Also, Arkvander's post about Cloudburst put Pretenders in my head.

The sword helps with mining

There were a few surprises with Landmine that I hadn't anticipated. The first was that the peg holes to hold his massive gun weren't on the top of his fists, but rather the sides of his fists. This leads to some awkward weapon positioning. It just doesn't look natural when he's holding a weapon.

"Seriously, this is just my gun"

The second was the knee articulation. He actually bends forward at the knees! Sure, they bend forward, but at least they bend. Right after this, the vehicle Pretenders were released and Gunrunner doesn't even have defined legs, so I can't complain about forward bending knees.

As for his Cybertronian all-terrain vehicle mode, it's, uh, it's a thing. Not as impressive as Cloudburst's or Waverider's, but at least the wheels spin in vehicle mode.

I can't wait for my next figure to arrive.  Hopefully it'll be here this week.


  1. Haha, glad I could be of some influence :) Personally I think Pretenders are under-rated, they can be great toys even if most of them are similar in Transformation. It is actually a gimmick I would love to see updated.

    1. I actually love the Pretenders. It's just hard gauging a price on them. Landmine cost me $25. I was thinking about getting Groundbreaker, but the cheapest I could find him for was $125. I'm still going to get him, but I'm getting cheaper guys first to bulk up my numbers.