Monday, February 17, 2014

Horrorcons Part II - Snapdragon
Back when I was a younger guy and played guitar (badly), I had dreams of starting a band.  I had always wanted to name my band Horrorcon, because the name always sounded so metal.  Thankfully for my ego and the metal community, I realized how horrible a guitar player I was and put that dream away.  Still, I think that someone should still start a band with that name.  Anyway, where was I?  Yes, Snapdragon.  Snapdragon originally appeared on my initial list of figures to buy when I was trying to get to 400, but I just never got around to getting him.  I was just never that enamored with him.  Whereas Apeface is a giant ape, Snapdragon was just some sort of dragon; he was just never that an impressive a figure to me.  But as I was commenting on Heroic Decepticon's post about his Japanese Apeface and Snapdragon, flywheels made a comment about how Snapdragon was better and that got the wheels in my head spinning.  Maybe I'm just susceptible to persuasion, perhaps I was just looking for an excuse, but whatever the reason, I soon bought Snapdragon.
Like Apeface, Snapdragon transforms into a Cybetronic jet and I actually like this one a bit more than Apeface's.  There isn't any obvious kibble popping out anywhere, that's for sure.  There is a canopy that flips open for Krunk to sit in.
Things get interesting when Snapdragon transforms from jet to dragon.
Ok, that's not a great position.  I'll try again.

That's better.  I like the fact that Snapdragon's rifles are able to attach to this mode.  There's nothing I hate more than having to dig in the parts boxes to find a weapon when I'm changing out the displays.  I really like this mode; it's long, and proportioned well.  The tiny arms are a bonus.  As I mentioned in my review of Apeface, there are people out there that have made parts so the necks can have better articulation.  And no, I haven't gotten them yet, but I most likely will.
Snapdragon's robot mode is awesome.  He doesn't look as odd as Apeface does as far as the torso goes.  As an added bonus, Snapdragon features some nice leg articulation thanks to his transformation scheme.
He actually looks like he's walking!  The ability to turn his head and some elbow articulation would be great for some action shots, but for a G1 figure, this is amazing. 

I am so glad to have finally purchased Snapdragon.  When compared to Apeface, Snapdragon stands heads and shoulders above his fellow Horrorcon.  If you don't currently own this guy, I highly suggest that you go out right now and get him.  Quit reading this, and go get him.  He's waiting for you, with open arms and on bended knee.  After you order him, wait for him to arrive, and play with him, my next review will be up and waiting for your reading pleasure.


  1. Love that last pic of Snapdragon. I know he has good leg articulation, but have not tried out that pose. Its nice, looks very dynamic!

    Once again, appreciate the call out. =)

    I also agree that think that Snapdragon is the better Horrorcon. The dragon mode is a little weak I must admit, but he is the less confused looking of the 2. And, oh, the box art is just divine!

  2. Yes! That is two Transformers I've talked you into buying! Now I just gotta figure out how to talk you into buying something for me!

    Just kidding...kind of.

    Seriously though, I'm so glad you are happy w/ him. As for his beast mode, I always thought he was a t-rex more so than a dragon. He even has those little tiny arms like a t-rex.

  3. Snapdragon is one of the best Headmasters IMO. The trex/dragon mode is kinda lame, but the jet mode more than makes up for it.