Monday, February 3, 2014

Mostructor Part V - Scowl
Look, it's an adorable little werewolf!  How cute!  I think I might just pet him - Oh Primus!  That's a mistake!  My hand!  My hand is gone!  Why?  Why did I do this?  My freaking hand!

After reading Scowl's profile on TFWiki, I imagine that the above scenario is what would happen if anyone actually ran into Scowl.  He apparently is a very cute psychopath who hates his alt mode.  As such, he spends as much time in his shell as possible.  How fortuitous for Scowl, and Hasbro.  I will say, looking at his box art, that he doesn't look scary at all.  Or monstrous.  I attribute this to his primarily yellow color scheme.  Anyway, since Scowl hates his alt mode so much, I figured we'd look at that first.

Scowl's alt mode is pitifully small.  It seems smaller than the rest of his teammates.  Perhaps that's why he hates his alt mode?  The yellow and purple are truly 90's themed colors, but they work well together.

Flip Scow's head up and flip the legs down and you have yourself a robot!  A robot with a a huge crest or something on his head.  For some reason, only his right fist has a hole for his gun to peg into.  The weapon displayed on his box art isn't the one that he comes with either.  At first I thought that I had used the wrong weapon, but after some searching online, I discovered that I had in fact used the correct weapon.

Scowl's shell is some sort of rock or ice creature and I only say ice creature because the blue makes me automatically think of cold.  I suppose that it's scarier than his inner robot's alt mode.  As it is, his pose looks like he's gathering himself for a high jump or something.  He's just squat.

He does have ginormous feet
Like the rest of the Pretender Monsters, the accoutrements peg onto the back of the shell.  As you can tell, Scowl's part of the combiner is that of a foot. 

That's five Pretender Monsters down, and one to go.  Next up, we'll be covering the other foot - Icepick!  And then it's on to Monstructor!


  1. Very nice, I haven't gotten around to getting Monstructor yet. I did find a Windsweeper spare,

    1. A spare Windsweeper? I may be interested in that...

  2. These guys really deserve some individual characterization. The "OH NO IT'S MONSTRUCTOR" trope is getting kind of tired. Maybe someone in the IDW comics will build pretender suits to contain their rage or whatever and then we can get the Funny Scowl Moments we've always deserved...

    1. Yes! They definitely need individual personalities in the comics! And I think Roberts is the man for the job!