Friday, February 7, 2014

Monstructor Part VI - Icepick
Icepick, he who appreciates recycling.  Apparently, Icepick became a demolitions expert solely so he could destroy the old and make it into something new.  That's awfully green of the Decepticons.

I have no idea what Icepick's shell is supposed to be.  Some sort of stabby thing?  Part lobster?  Whatever it is, it's the tallest of the Pretender Monster shells.  I'm not very sure what the command structure of the Pretender Monsters is, but I've made him their de facto leader based on his appearance in "Rhythms of Darkness!" since he, you know, threatened to kill Wildfly for opening his mouth.  That's Decepticon leadership material right there.  And who says that the head/torso always has to lead?  Scrapper is always depicted as the bot in charge of the Constructicons, after all.

Sorry the pictures are so dark, I was trying to get some black background shots.  That's an experiment that failed miserably.  Anyway, here's Icepick with all of his accessories attached to his back.  It looks like he's going for a hike.

Icepick looks pretty much exactly like Scowl, that probably has something to do with the fact that they both form Monstructor's legs.  I'm not really sure what his alt-mode is supposed to be.  It looks like a bipedal Iguana-type creature to me.  His transformation scheme is pretty much exactly like Scowl's.
Side view of the stumpy one
 I really like the ridges on the top of the head.  As I've said, this really reminds me of a bipedal Iguana.
For some reason, Icepick looks like he's always looking down while in robot mode.  His color scheme is highly reminiscent of Perceptor.  Articulation is limited to bending at the elbow.

Icepick is a pretty nondescript figure, to be brutally honest.  There isn't anything about him to make him really stand out.  His appearances in the fiction are limited and mainly restricted to Monstructor related activities.  Still, if you want to have a Monstructor, you need this guy, or else you don't have a leg to stand on.  Get it?  I'm hilarious.  Oh well, up next we'll finally have a look at Monstructor!


  1. His shell is Zoidberg. I quite like the black background, other than a bit of shadow the pics don't seem too dark at all.
    I will never look at Powermaster Prime/God Ginrai as a brick again after seeing these Pretender Monsters. Although I wouldn't call them bricks, more like building blocks. Really they should have letters on each side

    1. Great, now I can't stop picturing Icepick scampering around going "whoop whoop whoop."

    2. Icepick = Goryu of Dinoking. He was their leader so I can't see why Icepick can't be the leader of the monster Pretenders.

    3. I can agree with that. Every group needs a leader and Icepick is the man for the job.