Monday, February 16, 2015

Combiner Wars Windcharger

In a turn of events, I actually found Windcharger at a store!  I bought this little guy at the beginning of the year, and he got my hopes up that I would maybe find everyone else in the Combiner Wars line at retail.  Wrong!  At any rate, I Windcharger is a repaint and slight retool of Generations Tailgate.  I can't believe that I live in a world where Windcharger is the retool and Tailgate is the original.  That just shows how a minor character can become popular when used in the right way, but I digress.  Windcharger also demonstrates my inability to really talk about what amounts to a figure I've already discussed before since this is a repaint.  This will be short, I promise.  Or apologize for.

Windcharger transforms into a Camaro-type car.  Or a Trans Am-type car.  It's a red sports car.  The red definitely looks much, much better than Tailgate's white color scheme. 
Sadly, Windcharger does not come with a weapon.  On one hand, it's a nice throwback to his minibot roots.  On the other, it's a cheap move to not even include a weapon, and STILL CHARGE THE SAME AMOUNT AS TAILGATE!  Sorry about the outburst, but I think others may feel the same. 
Windcharger features a new head sculpt that's fairly close to his IDW interpretation.  Give me a Roller figure and we have the nice crew to do some heists and other hijinks with Orion Pax.
Still wish he had a gun...

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