Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Why I'm Glad I Broke My Generations Skids

So I was rearranging my figures the other day and when I got to Generations Skids, I decided to transform him into robot mode.  For some reason, I decided that his legs were assembled incorrectly and it had to be fixed.  I was wrong.  While trying to put a leg back on, I broke the ball joint from the hip!
I was incensed.  And saddened.  I went to eBay to find a replacement, because I knew that there was no way to find one at a retail store.  Luckily, I found a loose one in great condition for a good price.  So why am I glad that I broke Skids?  Well, since I was looking late at night, I found more than I bargained for at great prices.  The next round of vintage figures featured here over the next few weeks were absolute steals.

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