Monday, February 9, 2015

Generations Chromia

I'm a horrible, horrible Transformer fan when it comes to knowledge.  Back in my younger days, I knew everything (or at least I thought I did) about the Transformers.  Then things happened - like the advent of the Internet - and I realized that I don't know anything about anything.  Even what I used to think I knew, I forgot about.  Case in point: Chromia.  For some reason I thought that she was introduced in the IDW series.  My 8 year old self would kick me for forgetting that she was really first introduced in the G1 animated series.  I was happy to have a Chromia figure to begin with, now I'm ecstatic to have realized that this is a bit of a make-up for her not having one in 1985.
I'm an idiot.  Pic from
Whatever my ignorance means for me as a person, I wasn't as excited for Chromia as I was Arcee when they were announced in the first part of 2014.  Arcee was the headliner, and Chromia was the supporting act, paying her dues and destined to be booed off the stage.  As it would turn out, I actually like Chromia a bit more than Arcee.
Here is Chromia, straight out of the package.  Well, she's using one of Arcee's guns.  I really liked the look on the back of her package showcasing the two guns.  Chromia has an outstanding robot mode, more so than Arcee and Windblade.  She's sturdy and I don't feel like she's going to fall over if a slight breeze comes by.  That sturdiness comes with a price, however, as she isn't exactly poseable.  Chromia's arm articulation is is decent, but she doesn't turn at the waist, and her legs are limited by the back of her robot mode.
I really enjoy her motorcycle mode.  It has a TRON feel to it.  What's more, you really can't tell that she's just a mass of folded limbs in this mode.  The kickstand isn't really helpful, in my view.
Her gun can be added to this mode, but I prefer to use it like this:
It works so much better as a kickstand than the actual kickstand. 

Again, I'm an idiot for not realizing that Chromia had been around for 30 years.  She's an amazing figure, no matter how faulty my memory.  Please Ironhide, don't kill me for forgetting your girlfriend.

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