Friday, May 4, 2012

It's So Hard to Tell Them Apart!

I've been on a roll with my acquisitions!  Just Monday, I won an auction for the Decepticon Clones, Pounce and Wingspan.  I received them Wednesday.  Clones!  Even better, more Decepticons!  Man, I need more Decepticons.

When did Pumas evolve cannons on their shoulders?
He looks mean
I'm really impressed with the condition that these two are in.  I wouldn't go so far as to call them flawless, but they're really close.  Pounce, who's pictured above is pretty nice.  He has arm articulation, and that's about it in robot mode.  What I like about him is his alt-mode.  It's not a great looking alt-mode, but it really stands out.  The blend of colors just looks fantastic.

That's just, yeah
That's better
Wingspan, on the other hand, has a horrible, horrible alt-mode.  His tech spec states that it's an eagle, but to me it looks like a Decepticon who bent his knees and grew wings.  I just find it odd that the designers couldn't be bothered to find somewhere for his arms to go in alt-mode.  Just odd.

Two down, 39 left to go.


  1. I love the Decepticon colors, but the Autobots got the better in the clone department when it comes to the alt modes.

    1. Fastlane and Cloudraker definitely have better alt-modes. But I do think that a Puma with cannons is awesome.