Sunday, June 3, 2012

Backstreet's Back, Alright!

So I was at my parents' house the other day when I discovered something there.  My parents kept all of the Legos that my brother and I played with as kids for the grandchildren to play with.  My son wanted me to build something out of Legos for him, so I started digging into the giant popcorn tin that all of the Legos are in.  What did I find in that bucket?  Why Triggerbot Backstreet, of course! 

I also downloaded a new photo app
He's in pretty rough shape, from being played with and left in canister of Lego blocks and jostled around in that canister.  Also, my nephew played with him and customized him a little bit.

He's apparently a NASCAR fan.  Or 79 is his favorite number.  I'll have to ask him.  Either way, I'm gad that another lost Transformer has found his way back into the collection.  This also renews my hope and belief that there are more Transformers at my parents' house.  Man, that would be awesome to find my Seacons, Springer, and whoever else is missing.

Seriously, I love this app!


  1. First thing I did when I got back into collecting TFs 17 years ago was to go back down to my grandmother's house and try to salvage what few TFs from my childhood where still there! There weren't many left there, but it was cool to re-claim part of my childhood none the less.

  2. In this day and age, it's always awesome to find an old TF that you used to own. Not only do you reclaim your childhood, you save a ton by not having to purchase it on the secondary market!