Monday, July 2, 2012

Starsceam, Completed!

Well, almost.  I still need to get his cluster bombs, but I've been more of a fan of the longer missiles, so we'll see if I make that purchase.  After getting a little bolder with the peroxide solution whitening trick, I completely disassembled Starscream again.  I even managed to knock out the pin that holds the canopy to the rest of his body.  I practiced on an very old Thundercracker junker that I had laying around first to see if it worked and it did.  This had the added value of giving me the experience to tighten the canopies of my other seekers.

I think I may have left the solution out in the sun for too long, but I wanted to make sure that everything was the same shade since I had to purchase a few parts singly.  Even if he turned out a little lighter than he had originally was supposed to, I was pleased.  Here he is after I pulled him out of the solution and reassembled him.

I forgot to take pictures before I put a few labels on.
Robot mode
I finally got my shipment of decals in from Reprolabels.  I cleaned off Starscream again to make sure that there wasn't any accumulated dust or dirt on him and to take off any remaining sticker residue.  Labeling only took me a few minutes, which was shocking.  When I relabeled my Defensor, it seemed to take forever. 

This mold never gets old

This restoration wasn't completely problem free.  I realized after I had reassembled him that his nosecone was worse off that I thought, it looks like it's been chewed on and there's a tear in it.  That should be fixed in a few days when the junker body I ordered arrives for the custom Seeker I'm working on.  The second problem was that I couldn't get up the courage to fix the red paint on his chest.  Still, that's a minor concern for me.  I'm just happy that I resurrected a great figure that I wasn't even aware that I had. 

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