Saturday, May 4, 2013


There's nothing better than still owning a childhood Transformer.  It's not so great whenever said figure is missing some parts.  Or a lot of parts.  Splashdown is such a figure for me.  

I actually love this guy. Unfortunately when I was digging things out of my parents' attic, I could only find Splashdown, the shield, the red gun and Pretender shell belt.  The shell, helmet, large gun, and spear were all missing.  Time to hit eBay!  Everything was pretty easy to find with the exception of the spear.  It took me about six months of active looking to find that freaking thing, but I eventually found it.  I must say that completing this guy was very satisfying.  Enjoy the pics celebrating my completed Splashdown!


  1. Anytime I see a Transformers Pretender get the spotlight I have to stop and take a minute. While Splashdown isn't my favorite, it's very cool that you found your childhood toy. Luckily you had the small red gun as that can be very hard and expensive piece to replace.

    Hope to see more Pretenders in the near future!