Friday, October 17, 2014

Generations Roadbster

I'll be honest, when I first read that there would be a Generations release of Roadbuster, I was a tad confused.  Don't get me wrong, I've always loved the guy, but it seemed like most Generations had some sort of tie-in with the IDW comics.  Roadbuster hadn't even appeared in a comic since Transformers: Bumblebee, what 4 years ago?  Then I saw the pictures.  I had to have him.
Roadbuster comes with a metric ton of weapons.  He has weapons for his shoulders, weapons that he can hold, and weapons to mount on his weapons.  There are a multitude of weapons, is what I'm getting at.  What's more, these weapons care designed in a way to allow for a vast array of combinations.  I'm pretty much staying basic for my setup. 
All of the weapons can combine for the Voltron of weapons, which can awkwardly be held using both arms.  I'm not overly fond of this configuration.  Still, it's a thing that can be done.  So, do it if you want.
Roadbuster is pretty poseable.  Certainly much more poseable than the G1 incarnation, which I meant to show in comparison with the Generations version, but I forgot.  Roadbuster also comes with a lot of decals.  This seems to be a running thing now as Whirl also came with decals.  I used to love decals, but this is starting to get tedious.  For Roadbuster's chest, there is the regular insignia decal and one for the Wreckers.  I went with the plain Autobot decal just because I was worried that the blue of the Wrecker decal would clash with the other colors.  Gotta be fashionable, you know.
Keeping with the modern G1 look, Roadbuster transforms into a heavily armored all-terrain vehicle.  He is armed to the teeth.  The transformation scheme is pretty straightforward and not complicated at all.
I really love the vehicle mode.  It looks like it could climb over mountains.  If I wasn't so worried about messing him up, I'd take Roadbuster out on some rocks in the yard.  Gotta keep him mint, you know. 

Roadbuster is awesome.  He's a long awaited, if somewhat surprising, addition to the Generations line.  Now if only we could get a new version of Jetfire.  What's that?  Oh yeah...

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