Monday, November 18, 2013

Generations Metroplex

Well, I finally broke down and bought Hasbro's Generations Metroplex.  I've been waffling on him since he was announced.  I've been finding excuses, really.  The chin was huge and looked funny, I'd say.  The hands looked weird.  97 stickers to apply?  No thank you.  I finally got over my middling excuses and ordered him.  I'm not going to go too in depth here, I'm so late to the party that I'm sure there are much better reviews of Metroplex out there.  I will offer a few thoughts before getting straight to the pictures.

One of the things that always bothered me as a kid was Metroplex's scale.  Watching the animated series, it seemed as though Metroplex was fairly large.  Almost as though he was a city that transformed into a robot.  Wonder were I got that from?
 The actual figure, while big, certainly wasn't what I was expecting as far as size went.  Devastator isn't that much smaller than Metroplex.  How could I enact scenes like this?

Granted, I had no idea that this picture by Studio Ox existed, but it's a scene that I know others had imagined.  Imagine my surprise when Fortress Maximus was released as the tallest Transformer at over 2 feet tall.  That's what Metroplex should've been.  Thank goodness that 27 years later, Hasbro and Takara finally rectified the situation.

As you can see, Generations Metroplex is frakking huge.  

Metroplex gives you two options for eyes.  Toy, and animated series based visor.  I prefer the eyes.

Out of the 97 stickers that come with Metroplex, I managed to lose the sticker for the crest on his head.  I had it in the tweezers, and in the process of applying it, the sticker fell into a crevice or something in the figure's body.  I can't find it.

The poseablity is a very welcome addition.  It's nice to have a giant that can strike a pose.

The arm cannon is a nice touch.

I'm not super crazy about the electronics.  They're a thing, and I don't plan on using them again.

Hey, ever transform the original Metroplex?  Congratulations, you can transform Generations Metroplex!  The battle station mode is pretty nifty.

I like that the head can become a turret.

City mode is spectacular, even with the odd ramp placement.

I realized when taking these pictures that the stickers depicting Prime, et al, bring Scamper's actual size into question.  Since they're depicted so small, does this make Scamper gestalt size?  I'm over thinking it, I know.

Finally, a nice shot of Metroplex surrounded by Fort Max and the Encore Fort Max.


  1. Good reivew. I've still to get off my ass to buy this piece, if ever at all. Space is just so limited here that its difficult to justify me getting this piece.

    If I ever did get it, I would almost definitely have to junk the box and insert immediately, or start getting dirty looks from the wife about a thing the size of a baby standing around.

    1. Man, don't mention the box. When mine arrived, it was dented to hell and back. It looked like the stock boys at the warehouse were practicing their footwork with the box! The shipping box was perfect, so I know it wasn't the fault of the shipper. I meant to take a picture, but when I did the review, the box had been in the trash for days. Still, he's a pretty good figure.

    2. good idea on thrashing the box. Boxes for the recent releases i find to be quite ugly anyway =)

  2. Awesome. I would point out I think your 'Plex's helmet is off one of the rails it slides forward on. Just by the look of the visor, it looks maligned. Luckily it just takes fiddling with to get it on strait. (Mine did the same thing and it's the Takara version).

    I love the electronics. I push his "talk button" every time I come in my office like I'm checking messages. lol.

    The weird thing is, I didn't put the crest sticker on. I still have it, but I prefer the look of his head without it. If you need my spare, just let me know!

    1. Yeah, I've been having some difficulty with that thing. Part of the problem is that I keep flipping down the visor. I actually do play with the electronics a lot now. I love to hit the button when my wife is saying something in the hopes of getting the right Metroplex quote. Thanks for the offer on the crest sticker, but the more I think about it, the more I like the look of not having it. Besides, I'm a bit stickered out. I can't believe people are adding more decals through the Reprolabels set.

  3. Nice post Optimal.
    I was very excited when the figure was originally announced, but after watching some reviews I became skeptical and haven't bought it (yet) due to what looked like to be loose limbs and stability issues. Can you comment on this for me?

    1. I haven't had any issues with loose limbs. Mine seem to be pretty tight. As far as stability issues, there are a few issues. He isn't as poseable as say Classics Mirage or a Masterpiece figure. Trying to make him bend it like Beckham isn't a good option, but he gets the poses that I need. He has toppled over a number of times when I've tried to do elaborate poses, but I've just decided to keep things simple with him.

  4. hi guys, check out how i recovered my lost sticker from inside metroplex. hope this helps some of you.