Monday, March 17, 2014

Platinum Edition Optimus Prime and a Really Bad Joke

So not too long, I received at my UPS mailbox a nice little delivery from BigBadToyStore - Platinum Edition Optimus Prime, also known as Year of the Horse Optimus Prime.  Why Year of the Horse?  Because of Chinese New Year, silly.  I'm actually a Snake, which works for my personality, according to friends that want me to enter politics.  At any rate, why'd I buy a repaint of Masterpiece Optimus Prime that features so much gold, especially when I hate gold?  Beats me.

Here's Prime in his box.  As you can see, it's a box.  I want to say that Guido Guidi did the box art, but I'm horrible at these things.
Prime's Bio

Side of the box
As referenced in the above picture, YOTH Prime is 12 of 30, making him extremely rare.  Apparently, only 30 were made and I snagged the 12th one!  I'm sorry, my producer is telling me that I'm incorrect in my assumption.  It turns out that YOTH Prime is part of the Thrilling Thirty line.  I really thought I had something rare.  Whatever, I'm still ok with that.  Did you know that my YOTH Prime has a self-esteem problem?  He's so down on himself that he was constantly staring down at the floor when I opened up the little cardboard flap on the front of the box.
"I'm so sad..."
Enough of the box, time to pull this guy out and see how he measures up.
One of the first things that I noticed with this version of the MP-10 mold is that his feet are certainly sturdier than my original MP-10.  Mine have gotten a little loose over time.  My MP-01 suffers the same affliction.  Oh, there's also the altered Autobot insignia on his right shoulder.  From my understanding, a horse is added to the logo?  I'm not really sure.
The darker reds and blues make a difference on this guy.  That's the main draw for me, actually.  I know that they're not the original colors, or close to them, but they just look so striking.  Then there's that gold.  Ugh.  Gold, the color I hate more than anything.  My wedding ring (sorry ladies) is actually white gold because I hate the color gold.  Still, the rest of the darker colors kind of minimize the gold accents for me.  Kind of.  That's a lot of gold, though.

Prime comes with the standard Energon Axe.  Really, I'm sick of seeing this as an accessory.  Can't we get a Prime that comes with a jet pack, or extra gun?  Really, I would have gladly gone without the axe if this version came with Roller.  Speaking of which...
Here's Prime with his trailer opened up into base mode.  Aside from the obvious translucency of the trailer, you should notice two things: first, the giant Autobot insignia on the back of the trailer and second, the lack of Roller and Spike.  I could really care less about Spike, but an Optimus Prime without Roller is not Optimus Prime.  Well, I guess he is in every other continuity, but not G1, by Crom.  I would have shown you a picture of the trailer in it's proper mode, but with all of the pictures I took, that one seemed to have been completely forgotten about.
Here's a closeup of the - repair bay?  Satellite?  I've never been too sure about what it is.  That seems to be a recurring theme with my collecting - I don't know a lot.  Makes me wonder what I'm doing collecting and writing a blog.  At any rate, it's always reminded me of the scout from "More Than Meets the Eye" when it went looking for Earth alt-modes for all of the broken Transformers on the Ark.  I can hear it now "Explore!  Explore!"
Here's YOTH Prime with MP-10.  Man, that gold just really stands out. 
Aerial view
YOTH and MP-10 Primes in robot mode
 Whelp, that's it for this post.  While the gold on this iteration of Prime is far from subtle, the striking colors and cool translucent trailer kind of make up for that.  If you already have MP-10 or the Hasbro version, then you pretty much know what to expect with this figure.  Now, I believe I owe you a really bad joke, as the title suggested.  So, I'll have to set it up a bit.  Anyone a fan of the band Styx?  It's ok, you don't have to admit it, no one ever admits to liking Styx.  Unless they're drunk and doing karaoke or alone in the car.  Hopefully if you're familiar with Styx, you'll get this.  It's been going through my head since I got YOTH Prime.
I actually went on imgur to make this

Thank you!  Goodnight!


  1. I quite like gold in it's proper place, however, that is not its proper place. I really think that Prime is rather hideous because of it. Not a fan of the translucency thing either. I'll just stick with my MP-04.
    Oh the money I have saved.
    Now just hoping for a Jetfire release in Australia so I have something to spend it on.

    1. The translucency isn't bad and as far as the gold goes, I'm able to look past it. The main draw for me are the darker colors.

  2. I am neither drunk, performing karaoke, nor in a car by my lonesome and I will freely admit to liking Styx. There's one for your books!
    Gotta admit this is one of those exclusives that has me scratching my head, like the Linkin Park Soundwave.
    As a kid I always referred to the turret in Prime's trailer as a character called "Artillery." According to Budiansky's original profile for Prime, the trailer is one of three sentient parts that make up Optimus Prime and it is sometimes called "Autobot Headquarters." Damage the trailer sustains is felt by the other two components (the cab/robot and Roller) Very little fiction has used this information.

    1. The Linkin Park Soundwave is truly horrendous. So, so horrible. You know, I've always wondered why fiction never touched upon the whole trailer and Roller thing. I think one time in the cartoon, Roller got hit and it affected Prime, but it was never mentioned again. You'd think that it would be mentioned somewhere else.

  3. Personally the big draw and OMG MUST HAVE for me with MP-10 was Spike, and the Diaclone homage with him interacting with everything, brilliant. The gold does look terrible though lol. Glad of my same character repaints rule.

    1. I just love the MP-10 mold. But considering current circumstances, I think I'm going to have to adopt the same character repaint rule.