Monday, April 21, 2014

MP-13B Soundblaster!

It's hard to believe that the incredible MP-13 was released over a year ago.  What's even more incredible is that while it took 8 years to get from MP-01 to MP-10, in the span of 2 years we've gotten up to MP-19.  Spectacular.  Anywho, here we are, with a repaint of MP-13 as Soundblaster.  I'm not going to go into all of the details about how Soundwave became Soundblaster, suffice it to say, it was...Japanese.  I'll go all '80's and say that if you'd like to learn more about Soundwave's transformation into Soundblaster, you can go to your local TFWiki and read about it here.  Onto the pictures!
Soundwave is black is pretty.  Very pretty.  Notice the lack of the Decepticon sigil on his chest?  I'm not really sure about the reasoning for it, but you can add another piece to the chest that mimics the deeper chest of the Soundblaster G1 figure.
Which I will show off with this awkward pose
Want to know how clueless I am?  Someone posted their pictures of their recently acquired Masterpiece Soundwave a few months ago and in one of the pictures, there was one of Soundwave holding Megatron.  I asked where he got the Megatron from.  Because I completely forgot that Soundwave came with him.  I saw it my box and just left it there, because I already had a couple thanks to all of the Masterpiece Primes I had.  But Soundblaster comes with a translucent red Megatron!
The name's Blaster.  Soundblaster.
The Energon cube that Soundblaster is given is red.  There's a theme here that I'm missing.
It's not a too-mah!
Finally, here's a shot of Soundblaster as a tape deck.  It should look familiar.
Oh, that tape in the deck?  That's just Ratbat; pay him no heed.  Well, okay, I'll talk about him.  But only because you asked so nicely.
This seemingly innocuous micro cassette actually transforms into this:
No, this isn't a screen capture from the animated series.  Here's one, in case you think I may be lying.
The details on Ratbat are amazing.  The transformation is pretty ingenious as well.  Everything is integrated into the figure.  Nothing is wasted.
Just look at that.  Ratbat, like Laserbeak and Buzzsaw before him, can mount onto Soundwave/blaster's arm.  So cool.  I can't get over how beautiful Ratbat is.
Here's a shot of Soundwave and Soundblaster together, at last.  I'll end with a nice shot of Soundwave and Soundblaster with the kids.
Up next: I take a break from all of the new releases (of which I still have a few to cover) and I'll delve into the vintage figures that I've had accumulating since December! 


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  2. can't wait to purchase mine, only thing I dont like is the Megatron gun, maybe I will get use to it but a Galvatron inspired reco might of worked better

    1. Yes, Galvatron should definitely have been used! Someone needs to make that happen.

  3. I got mine last week. I really like it. The red toy accurate chest vs the anime accurate purple one was a nice touch. I still don't get why the heck people sell off Soundblaster. At least he's an actual G1 character, unlike Black Prime or Acid Storm. (I'm aware that a vaguely the same colour tetra-jet seeker was in the cartoon, not a tetra, not the same lol)

    1. I agree! There's a glut of Soundblasters out there, meaning that people are paying loads of cash just to have Ratbat. That's insane. And Acid Storm just shouldn't exist. For some reason, I can tolerate Sunstorm, but not Acid Storm.