Monday, October 13, 2014

Generations Tankor

I've gone on record a number of times about how I really like both Beast Wars and Beast Machines.  I liked Beast Machines more for the animation than anything else, and I only owned one figure from the line, Cheetor, which wasn't that great.  Truth be told, none of the figure were that great in my mind.  With the new tooling and design of the Generations line, I was hoping that Tankor would prove to be better than his original incarnation.
Here's a shot of Tankor in his tank mode.  With a name like Tankor, it would be highly unlikely that he'd transform into anything else.  A distinguishing feature with Tankor through the years is that his head is visible in tank mode.  That continues with this iteration.  Maybe I have Tankor transformed incorrectly, but it looks like he's just a scrunched up mess.
The cannon launches a missile.  The missile itself is rather flimsy.
Tankor is rather short and stocky, earning the name "Fat Tankor".  Robot mode is much better than tank mode, for sure.  While not as poseable as other Generations figures, he certainly looks great. 
Here's a closeup shot of Tankor's forearm. There is a dial on each forearm that does...nothing.  They spin, but the claws work independent of the dials. 

Tankor's a good figure, but not a great one.  Hey, that sounds like this post!


  1. I've been on the fence whether to pick him up or not. I loved the BM Tank Drone toy so I figured this one may be fun too. If Walmart keeps the deluxe pricing at $10 I may splurge. If they go back up to $15 then he's a pass.

    1. If I hadn't of ordered the whole wave, I doubt I would've gotten him.