Monday, February 23, 2015

Combiner Wars Skydive

Continuing my run of Combiner Wars figures, we next look at Skydive, another of Superion's limbs.  Unlike Slingshot, Skydive gets to live in the IDW comic!
Here's Skydive right of the card.  The first thing that I noticed about him is that his chest appears to be metal.  I don't know if that's true or not, because I really didn't want to scratch off any paint.  Maybe his chest just has some really nice paint.  Skydive has been updated from his original G1 version and adheres a bit more to his animated model.  With shoulder pads.
Skydive comes with a double barreled blaster.  Thanks to his limb transformation scheme, articulation on Skydive is pretty great.  He features waist, arm, shoulder, head, and knees.  This leads to posing possibilities that I will never be able to properly show.
The foot/fist attachment can transform into another weapon.
I prefer Skydive's jet mode over the robot mode.  It just has a great look to it.  There are posts under the wings that allow you to attach Skydive's gun and foot/fist attachment.  I didn't photograph it because it looks horrible.  Oh so horrible.
Should one choose the option, Skydive can transform into one of Superion's arms.  I'm a bit of a G1 guy, if you haven't noticed, and I seriously doubt that I go with this form.  Most likely, I'll wind up using him as a leg.
Like this.  I must say, having the airplane bits showing on the front of the legs is going to take some getting used to.  I wonder if the legs can be attached the other way so that the jet stuff will be on the back.  Judging by the position of the post, I highly doubt this is possible.  Guess I'll have to find out. 


  1. The jet mode does look nice...if you are looking straight down on it! I still can't get over the robot arms just hanging there. I so wish they would slide into the chest like the G1 toys do.

    1. Yeah, the arm thing is getting a little old. Better get used to it, however, since I have a feeling that we'll be seeing these molds again.