Monday, April 20, 2015

Combiner Wars Bombshell

Funny what happens when you aren't looking for a figure: it generally just pops right into your life.  I had to make a stop at a store when I got off work one day to pick up some ink for my printer and I wandered over to the toy department and lo and behold!  Bombshell! 
Combiner Wars Bombshell is a spot on upgrade over his original incarnation.  I'm really impressed with his rhinoceros beetle mode.  It retains that old school look, but with modern flourishes.  Gone are the wheels and odd insect legs.  In their stead are actual legs!
Here's an overhead shot of Bombshell.  I'm still working on my black background photography, but I think I've gotten better with it.  I certainly like the results more than the white background.
Robot mode is where Bombshell stands out.  Waist and arm articulation are just outstanding on Bombshell.  He isn't as fiddly, if that makes sense, as Combiner Wars Powerglide and certainly much more sturdy than Tailgate/Windcharger.  The head cannon is at a much better proportion than the G1 version.
Bombshell's new found ability to pose allows for a Maz-styled running shot.  It also allows me to point out the cannons on Bombshell's knees.  Certainly, this is an Insecticon I wouldn't want to run into.  My only complaint with Bombshell is the lack of a hand-held weapon, but I can't really be too upset about that.  According to the TFWiki, Bombshell has a third mode.  Just what it is, I couldn't tell you, since it isn't included in the instructions.  Maybe one day intrepid scientists will discover this mysterious third mode, or I could Google it, but I'm a bit lazy.


  1. Third mode is a gun mode similar to Powerglide's, and about as believable too.

    1. Have you seen pics of it? I haven't been successful in finding any pics.

  2. I've never seen his "third mode" either.