Saturday, January 7, 2017

Micromaster Tanker Truck Combiner Transport

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Micromasters, the tiny Transformers that nearly drove me to stop buying Transformers.  Good thing that the line ended not long after this.  I was never fond of Micromasters because they just reminded me of Micro Machines, which I hated.  Tiny cars that get lost easily?  No thanks.  My stance on Micromasters has softened over the years, and now I have to complete them to finish out my G1 collection.  My latest acquisition is the Micromaster Tanker Truck Combiner Transport.

The Tanker Truck Transport turned out to be much better than I thought it would be.  The Combiner Transports never really appealed to me.  Bases like Countdown and Groundshaker, sure.  The transports just looked weird.  A tanker with a small cab pulling it?  With a shovel on the back?  Sure, thing, kid.  Gah.
Gusher and Pipeline are redcos of Knockout and Grit from the Decepticon Construction Squad.  As a Construction vehicle, it's pretty spot on.  I think that the colors are even better on these guys than on Knockout and Grit.  But, again, as part of am oil tanker, not so much.
The tanker splits into two battle platforms.  Each one has a gun that reminds me of one of those water cannons that they use on rioters.  I'm highly doubtful that water cannons would actually be of use against a Decepticon, but I'm not an expert.  Maybe it would work on Micromasters since they're smaller?  It's all for naught, since they aren't actually water cannons.  The instructions just call them "canons".  Super imaginative.

The other half of the tanker is much better looking, what with the missile launcher on the side.  There's still the issue of the water cannon, that isn't a water cannon.
Both platforms are able to combine into some sort of...thing.  It's a battle station?  That you can drive right through the middle of?  I can't imagine it being very practical during battle.  However, I'm sure that those water cannons will help.

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