Friday, March 16, 2012

Communications Officers, Unite!

Man, getting Encore Twincast and Soundblaster really has reawakened my love of Communication Officers and their cassettes lately.  So we'll start with my Blaster molds.

This is just a group shot.  The Blaster and Twincasts are all reissues.  I have an original Blaster, but I gave him to my six year-old to play with.  Gotta instill the love of Transformers into him somehow.  Looking at this now, I'm not thrilled with how this picture turned out.  You can't see Nightstalker or Ramhorn too well.

Anyway, Grandslam and Raindance are my favorites of the group when they're combined into Slamdance mode.  The combined mode just looks outstanding.  Next we have Flipsides, Eject, and Rewind.  Eject and Rewind have seen better days.  I got Eject and Ramhorn in their two-pack in 1986 after seeing the movie. Ramhorn has definitely seen better days. He was chewed upon by a Cocker Spaniel we had back then. I could replace him, but I like to think of him as battle damaged.

Rewind I acquired when a kid I used to hang out with left him at my house. When I tried to give him back, the kid had moved. Steeljaw is currently sitting in Blaster. I have no clue how I got him. And Slamdance was bought at a store called Children's Palace around 1987 or 1988. Next post, Their Decepticon counterparts!

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