Wednesday, March 21, 2012


One of my favorite things about the Transformers, especially G1, is the fact that there are gestalts.  You won't find that in other robot toylines.  Well, Go-Bots, but who cares about them?  I just love taking five robots and combining them into one giant robot.  It's awesome.  Just awesome.

Here we have my Autobot gestalts, Computron, Superion, and Defensor.  I need to replace my Silverbolt.  Apparently being stored in my parent's attic in a box that had rubber bands for over a decade had ill effects on him.  The rubber bands melted on his feet, so there's these weird pieces of rubber there.  Out of these three, Computron is my favorite.  It has to do with the combination of the Technobots being scientists and the fact that in the cartoon, they were created by Grimlock.  How awesome is that?  Before I got Computron as a kid, Defensor was hands down my favorite.  He had something that Devastator and Superion could only dream of having - a head that moved!  He still looks great.  I still need Raiden, but I haven't made up my mind about him yet. 

Here are my Decepticons - Predaking, Devastator, Piranacon, and Bruticus.  They're all reissues.  I used to have a Devastator, but all that remains of him are Scavenger, Bonecrusher, and Long Haul.  My original Seacons vanished somehow.  Until I got the 2010 Predaking reissue, I had never seen him in person.  I've known kids who claimed to have him, but when I asked to see him, I'd get stories like "My mom won't let me take him out of the house."  I once knew a kid who had all of the Predacons except for Divebomb and Rampage, but that's as close as I got to Predaking.  I had Tantrum, but that was it.  I still need to get Abominus and Menasor, but that should be remedied soon.  I guess I need to get Monstructor, but I never really cared for him.  I especially don't really care about his over $500 price tag on the secondary market.  That's too much for something so ugly.

I've always wondered why there were so many more Decepticon gestalts than Autobot.  Do the Decepticons need more help than the Autobots?  Is it a technology that the Autobots just aren't good at?  I don't know. 

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