Monday, June 4, 2012

Bad Luck, or The Ghost of Starscream?

I've been working on completing the Starscream that I found in one of my storage totes. I should be done by now. I'm not.

It's not like I've been procrastinating about finishing him. I've stripped all of the old decals off and cleaned him. This guy's ready to go for detailing.

I'm still missing his launchers and long missiles. I ordered each weeks ago. I ordered the launchers on the 7th of May. They shipped the 9th. Lost in the mail. During the two weeks I waited to contact the seller, I had received multiple parts that I ordered after the launchers. Damn. But that happens, right? At least the seller was awesome and refunded me quickly.

Next, I ordered a pair of long missiles. They shipped on the 20th. Still haven't gotten them. Just contacted the seller, and he's looking into it, but I'm confident he'll make it right. I've dealt with him on numerous occasions. In both instances, neither was shipped with tracking. I think next time I'll just ask the seller to tack on tracking.

When the launchers didn't arrive, I just thought it was bad luck. Then I started to suspect my wife after the missiles failed to arrive. But after careful consideration, I think the ghost of Starscream may be meeting the mail person at my mailbox and taking the parts so he can return to exact vengeance. After all, only his parts haven't made it to me.

Pathetic fool!  You'll never complete me!

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  1. I've noticed more problems w/ lost mail and longer delivery times since the USPS has fallen on hard economic times. Hopefully those parts will arrive soon! I know how hard it can be waiting on something like this. I'm waiting on a sticker sheet for GoShooter and I'm getting so impatient!