Friday, June 8, 2012

Old Don Figueroa Interview

After reading Flywheels' post about finding an old piece of art that Don Figueroa had sent him, I remembered that I had done an interview with Don when the first War Within mini was published by Dreamwave years ago.

The circumstances on how I got the interview aren't that interesting. At the time I thought I was a funny guy and had started a Transformers humor site. Exactly 6 people saw that site, all friends of mine. Anyway, one day I was on the DW message board and saw that Don was on. I asked him if he'd answer some questions for me and he agreed. I emailed the questions and he sent them back. They went onto the site and I sent a link to the Allspark and they were nice enough to post it in their news page. After that, I got 4 more visitors!

Here's the link.

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