Thursday, June 27, 2013

MP-12T: Masterpiece Tigertack!

Several years ago, I saw on BigBadToyStore a preorder for Tigertrack,  I looked right at him and said something along the lines of "Stupid repaints!  Why don't they just reissue more G1 figures?"  I was stupid back then.  I often look back at that time with a sense of wonder over how I could have been so idiotic.  C'est la vie, I suppose.  This is still a figure I haven't gotten, and I do plan on getting him, but at $300, he's going to be down the line.  Thank goodness TakraTomy has decided to sate my Tigertrack hunger with this repaint of the awesome Masterpiece Lambor mold.

There really isn't a lot to say about this mold that hasn't been said about the originals, but I'm going to highlight the differences between Tigertrack, Red Alert and Sideswipe.

The first thing I'd like to talk about is the box.  I've seen online where it's referred to as a black and white box, but it's actually black and silver.  It's been given a nice metallic sheen and of course instead of a shot of the actual figure there's an illustration of Tigertrack.  I'm not sure who did the art, but it's very Dreamwave-like. 

Here's the back of the box.  I love the silhouette.  I couldn't get the lighting right, so this picture is a little uneven.  Enough about the box.  What does the figure look like?


According to TFWiki, this is what Sunstreaker should look like.  Apparently Sunstreaker and Sideswipe got their bios swapped.  This is what Sunstreaker should have looked like.  Whatever the case, Tigertrack looks marvelous.  The yellow, black, red, and white really compliment each other.  Two Autobot insignia decals are included that can be added to the chest.  One is the larger size that Sideswipe came tampographed with, and the other is the normal size that was tampographed on Red Alert.  I've opted to not use either.  I kind of like the plain chest. 

There are a few touches to this release that distinguish him from the previous versions.  First, we have the head:

TakaraTomy did something a little different for Tigertrack's head.  The helmet is obviously Sideswipe's, but his face is Red Alerts!  Here's a closeup of Red Alert's face:

And a closeup of Sideswipe's:

The other detail that's been added to Tigertrack would be a paint application to the feet:

I don't know why, but that little paint application just really made the figure for me.

Here's Tigertrack with his pile drivers.  These are the same pile drivers that the Amazon Japan Sideswipe came with, only these are not chromed.  I actually prefer the smaller pile drivers that the regular version of Sideswipe comes with.

I've never been a fan of yellow cars.  As a matter of fact, I'd go so far as to say I hate yellow cars.  But by Primus does the Lamborghini mold look great in yellow.  It somehow looks sleeker than Sideswipe's red.  Just gorgeous.

The panels don't line up perfectly, but that's been a known issue in every iteration of this mold.  It still doesn't detract from the greatness of this figure.

 Here's all three of the Lamborghini brothers released thus far lined up together.  There's still a Super Tuning Lamborghini missing, but I'm sure he'll turn up eventually.

 Finally, a shot of the three in robot mode.


  1. Oh that vehicle mode is beautiful. This really wasn't on my radar before but I might just have to get it now due to just how gorgeous it looks. He doesn't have the sloppy paint apps that Sideswipe had does he?

    1. Not that I could find and I was really expecting it with the blacks converging in the yellows.

  2. I had him in my BBTS Pile of Loot up until a few days before he was actually released. There is just so much coming out that want that I decided to save my $100 for something else. Though I'm starting to regret my decision...just a little. I do know I'm grabbing that G2 version of Sideswipe though!

    1. I nearly cancelled mine as well. When I read about the potential lottery system for this figure, I just knew I wouldn't get him even though I pre-ordered him the first day the orders went up. I can't wait until G2 Sideswipe is released! Next year is too far away.