Friday, November 28, 2014

Generations Gears

What kind of world do we live in where Gears is released after Swerve?  That just goes to show how things can often change in the world.  What's next, a release of Ultra Magnus before Optimus Prime?
Gears is a pickup truck, like his G1 incarnation.  Seeing the red on the back of the truck is comforting, for some reason.
Here is Gears' attack mode.  We'll get into his mini-con in a bit.
Gears features a new head sculpt that is a bit more in line with his G1 animated model.  His mini-con is known as Total Eclipse of the Heart or something.Good luck getting that song out of your head now.  It's been playing nonstop in my head since I got Gears. 

Digression:  I don't know why I don't really like mini-cons.  I like the Nebulons that come with Targetmasters, Headmasters, and Powermasters.  Mini-cons have three modes, making them triple changers, which should be a good thing.  I like triple changers.  Perhaps it's a generational thing.  I was turned off with Armada and the seeming Pokemon nature of it all.  It's still a huge stigma with me.  As such, Total Eclipse of the Heart has been tossed to the side.  Good riddance.
Here, we have Gears holding Total Eclipse of the Heart while in gun mode.  It's a gun.  That's a fact.

Guess what?  This is the last new figure of the year!  It's nothing but Masterpiece and vintage for the rest of the year!  Well, unless Brainstorm shows up on my doorstep between now and December 31st.


  1. Well see your first problem is those aren't Mini-Cons. They are substantially larger than any Mini-Con. Just think of them as Generations Micromasters. See, all better.

    1. I had always thought they were Mini-Cons. I just looked up Eclipse on TFWiki, and it turns out he's not a Mini-Con! Makes me feel bad for tossing all of those guys from my Legends figures now...