Monday, June 17, 2013

Pretender Submarauder

Apparently, I have Pretender on the brain as this is my third post/purchase of a Pretender.  Don't worry, there are at least two more Pretender posts coming.

After completing Splashdown and Bomb-Burst, I got a "high" from fiddling with the shells and inner robots.  So much so that I decided to go ahead and buy Submauarder.  I don't have any overt attachment to the character, but the price was right.

When I think of Decepticon Pretenders, four names come to mind: Bomb-Burst because he's my first, Skullgrin and Iguanus because of their comic appearances and Thunderwing because he's apparently the baddest mother of them all according to the comics.  Characters like Submauarder are just there.  He's a background character; nothing special. He does play an important part in a personal mythos due to his appearance in the battle scene on the back of every Pretender and Powermaster boxed figure.

That's him in the lower right corner.  He's apparently fighting Skullgrin for some reason.  I have to admit that he looks awesome in this picture.  Everyone does, actually.  I've always wondered who did the box art. Anyone have any idea?  

Submaruader's inner robot is purple.  All over.  

The articulation is standard fare for a Pretender.  He arms are one solid piece and only move up or down at the shoulder.  His arms do fold in, however.  While Bomb-Burst had knees that could bend, Submarauder's knees bend inward due to his transformation scheme.  It's kind of hard to do any kind of decent posing with knees like that.

Submarauder transforms converts into a Cybertronic submarine, just like Waverider.  His torpedo rifle attaches to a hole in the back of his head and acts as something of an underwater propulsion jet. 

His outer shell confuses me.  I'm not sure if he's supposed to be a shark creature or some other aquatic creature.  Either way, he's a bit odd looking.

The shell wields the torpedo rifle, a sword, and a shield that can be mounted on either shoulder.  I'm not too clear on how a shoulder shield would help out in a fight, but it does look pretty cool.  The differing shades of blue contrast well with, and are complimentary to, the pink accessories.

Well, that's it for this installment.  I've done two posts in a row on Pretenders, wonder what I'll post about next?

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