Monday, June 10, 2013

Generations Springer

It may look like I'm coming late to the party with this entry, but in reality, I bought this on May 10th.  I'm writing everything in advance so I can keep up a once-per-week posting scheduled.  Having said that, let's dive in to the entity that is Generations Springer.

The first thing that stands out about Springer is the packaging.  Seeing the gorgeous Nick Roche art on the front side of the box is a breath of fresh air.  It made me want to check out Fisitron's data tracks. Springer doesn't look as beefy as he does in the comics, but I actually find this to be an improvement.

Since Springer comes packaged in robot mode, we'll look at that first.

Man, that's just impressive.  Springer is big, but not too bulky; he's broad shouldered.  And for a Generations figure, Springer features a lot of articulation.  I'd say that he had as much articulation as a Masterpiece figure.  The articulation is extremely impressive.  This next picture is by far my favorite pose.

Not only is Springer articulated, but he also comes with two weapons - a double barreled blaster and a sword that doesn't look like a helicopter blade!  The sword is by far my favorite weapon.

Nick Roche can design a head.

"Guns for show, knives for a pro."

When not in use, the sword, and gun for that matter, can easily be stored away on Springer's back.  Or the sword and gun can be combined to form a BFG.

Squall from FF VIII wants his gunsword back

Have I mentioned how tall Springer is?  He's taller than most Autobots in the fiction, so it's nice to see the toy represent that.  Here's a few comparison shots for reference.

Springer can't stand his GDO version
Or Masterpiece Red Alert

As you can see, 30th Anniversary Springer towers over his GDO incarnation that was released just last year.  He's even taller than Masterpiece Red Alert and cost a lot less!

The major flaw with every Springer that's been released since the original G1 version has been that they've only had one alt mode.  Springer is supposed to be a triple changer!  How can a triple changer only have one alt mode?  Thanks to this release, Springer is once again a triple changer.  Unlike the G1 version, both alt modes have distinct looks.

The helicopter mode actually looks like a pretty decent helicopter.  The sides of the helicopter don't have that "arms sticking out and folded" look that the precious triple changer version had.  The rotors spin pretty well.

Springer's blaster can attach to the underside of the helicopter to create an attack copter mode.  It's not too easy to do, as it takes me a few tries to get the gun to attach. 

Thanks to some creative folding panels and some shifting, the car mode bulks up and manages to look like and actual car.

Why do I suddenly to play with some TMNT?

Just look at that.  It's wide, has four distinct wheels, and looks like it could go all-terrain.  Again, the blaster can attach to the car to create an attack mode.

I've seen many people declaring that this figure is perfect.  I don't know if I'd disagree with them.  Springer is definitely the best mass market figure that Hasbro has produced in the last decade at the very least.  If you haven't purchased one, do yourself a serious favor and get him.  Now I really can't wait until Sandstorm is released!  Still gotta find Blitzwing.


  1. I've read a lot of Springer reviews and everyone praises him so he must be that good, huh? Perhaps I'll get to a point this week where I open mine and discover all that has been said for myself!

  2. I agree, this is probably one of the best toys by way of designed, execution and QC that has been released by Hasbro in recent times. All the movie-verse stuff was underwhelming. The only one that comes to mind which could possibly match this release is ROTF Bludgeon (and now that he’s released Generations Sandstorm, which is based on the same mold).

    This is not only the best Springer toy out there, period, and barring MPs, it is also one of the best toys this year (so far). This is even better than FP’s Defender, which, is *really* saying a lot. Kudos to Hasbro.

  3. I can't attach the gun to helicopter mode!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Derp is an accurate name for you.