Friday, August 9, 2013


Box scan from
Previously on Abominable August, I outlined how I was going to use the month of August to complete my Terrorcons.  In that post, I showed off my latest purchase - Cutthroat.  For this post, I'll show off a figure that I already had - Blot.

I don't know why, but I've always been fascinated with Blot.  It's not that he's an awesome looking figure; it's that I can't figure out what he's supposed to be!  Is he an ogre?  A troll?  A robotic ape?  Look, I know that Cutthroat is some sort of vast, predatory bird, Hun-Gurrr is a two-headed dragon, Rippersnapper is a land shark, and Sinnertwin is a two-headed dog, but no one can tell me what Blot is.
"Put on your red shoes and dance the blues"

Still no clue, but that's an awesome picture

Seriously, what is that?  Then again, maybe I shouldn't be using horribly animated cartoon cells to try to figure this out.  It feels like I'm analyzing that old Sasquatch footage.  I feel like I should be on Bigfoot Chasers.  Maybe a clue can be gleaned from the Marvel comic?

Nope.  Oh well, it's a mystery that will drive me crazy until the day I die.  Or quit caring.  Whatever he is, Blot is awesome.

SERIOUSLY?  What is he?!
 Here we have Blot at rest.  He's not moving at all.  He's relaxed.  When I originally got Blot in 1987, I could've sworn that he was wearing boots.  Anyway, let's look at Blot when he's not hanging out and ready to go out and attack the Technobots.

Pretty nifty.  That's the thing I've always loved about Scramble City Combiners - the attack modes.  They're just awesome.

Blot's monster mode gives many hints as to robot mode.  The long arms fold back and the feet get rotated up.  Then you pull the torso up and flip his head up.  He pretty much looks like the monster mode with a robot head.

Due to his monster mode, Blot has a really wide torso.  It's obvious that Blot works out. Blot's arms are stubby, but they get the job done.

That about wraps it up for this post.  I've got two Terrorcons down and three left to acquire.  So far, this is turning in to a great month.


  1. Ah, Blot...or Boot as he is called in Japan. Always like this little blob of plastic. I have no idea what his alt mode is either. I'm just thrilled I found all but one of Abominus' accessories this weekend @ Charticon. Now I can finally build my G1 Abominus...sans left fist.

    1. I'm waiting in the announcement of the next Charticon so I can go! You could always use Blot as the left arm and extend his monster legs out and pretend he's a Generations Abominus in the meantime...