Monday, December 23, 2013


Triggerbot action coming at ya!  I don't know what I love the Triggerbots, but I do.  They're magnificent.  I've ever only owned one, Backstreet, but I love the whole gimmick of the guns flipping out.  Which brings us to my second Triggerbot - Override!  Not to confused with Overdrive the Omnibot.  Which I've done numerous occasions.

Primary colors at their finest.

Override had the great honor of accompanying a young Optimus Prime to the Temple of Knowledge so Prime could speak to Boltax.  Later, Override fought some Western-themed alien vampires.  Man, I miss those wacky Marvel comics.  Later, in the Generation 2 comics Override was ripped to shreds by a barehanded Megatron.  Sure it happened in G.I. Joe, but it was still part of the G2 fiction.  And then he worked for Perceptor in the Dreamwave comics and then he popped up once in the IDW universe.  Override has led a very nonproductive life.

Override's alt-mode is that of a futuristic motorcycle, I thought, until I checked out his TFWiki page.  Turns out that his alt-mode is based on a Suzuki motorcycle, which is odd since I really thought that after the few 1986 cars that were just repaints or retools of older figures, Hasbro and Takara decided to just make up their vehicle modes.  Perhaps paying a licensing fee for the vehicle is why Override only has two colors: red and blue.  Well, three if you count the chrome on his guns.

I managed to find an amazing instance of this figure.  Everything about him is mint.  His joints are so tight that I wonder if he had ever been transformed.  During my initial transformation, I worried that I was going to break him.  The chrome is beautiful and appears to be all there.  The only drawback would be the decals.  Override only has the one decal on the front of the motorcycle.  I may get some Reprolabels for him, but I doubt it.

Override features a very simple transformation - pull out the legs, flip up the fenders and you have a robot.  There really isn't much to say about the robot mode.  His fists are absurdly large compared to the size of his head.  See those blue buttons on the sides of this arms?  Press them and his guns pop out.

Now he's a gun slinging cowboy.  Who fights psychic vampires.

Guns kinda holstered.

So all that's left for me to get to complete the Triggerbots is to get Dogfight.  That, that makes me happy.


  1. Love this guy. By far the best of the Triggerbots. Now go and get yourself the Triggercon Windsweeper. You can thank me later.

    1. I've actually been thinking about getting him very soon. So I take it that he's super awesome?