Friday, February 28, 2014

Glacialord Part II - Tailclub

Ah, the Doedicurus.  As a kid, I always wished that I could have a toy Doedicurus.  Sadly, it never happened.  Thankfully, Fansproject has answered my prayers and made this a reality.

Who wouldn't want to play with this?
The idea to create prehistoric mammals as robots is really a stoke of genius.  Dinobots are pretty nifty and all, but we could always use more. 

Being a Doedicurus, Tailclub has an appropriately squat alt-mode.  I really like the gray and orange colors; they're really striking together.  He looks so adorable.  Definitely G1-styled, I feel as though I could've picked him up at a Roses or something.  It would've been nice to only pay $3.99 for him...
As with Fangro, the pilot is able to stand up in the slot on the beast's back.  I'm not really sure how I feel about this functionality, to be honest.  I think that it would look better if they had designed a way for the figure to actually sit.  The standing looks tedious.
Heres is Tailclub in robot mode.  The foot/backpack attaches to his shoulder as a shield and the tail and head combine to form a club.  I'm not really sure how a shoulder mounted shield is helpful in a battle, but it's nice to not have to worry about finding somewhere to store it while he's in robot mode.  Since he's G1-styled, articulation is limited to his arms at the elbows and the shoulders.  He is truly a combiner limb.
The shield can also be held in his free hand, which gives a better look, to me.  Now he looks like a Roman warrior.  If I had more of them, I'd do a Phalanx. 
Here's Tailclub in his limb mode.  As you can see, he forms a leg.  It looks sturdy and it's reminiscent of one of Predaking's limb, with the animal head facing out. 


  1. They perfectly nailed the Scramble City styling on these, didn't they?
    And I love that they integrated the combiner kibble as accessories. That's the one weakness of the original Scramble City guys, in my opinion.

    1. Agreed. It's fun not losing parts so easily anymore. I could chalk that up to being mature and responsible, but I really think it's the integrated accessories. There's no way I'm responsible.