Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Glacialord Part III - Razorspike

So after the initial shipment of Fangro and Tailclub back in November, I had to wait an entire two months for the rest of the team.  It was a long two months; so long that I had actually forgot about the order until someone posted on Facebook that they had gotten confirmation of their shipment.  Thankfully, once Razorspike and the gang shipped, it only took two days for them to arrive.  What's Razorspike like?  Let's take a look, shall we?

"You smell somethin'?"
Razorspike's alt-mode is that of a wooly rhinoceros.  Like the Fangro and Tailclub, he's very G1-esque.  The shield on his back has a slot that can be pushed back to allow the trainer to ride.
I don't know why, but I get a chuckle out of the trainers for the Retrofuture set.  The idea of these guys riding robotic prehistoric creatures just screams '80's to me. 
Here's Razorspike in robot mode.  To stick with a theme from the last couple of reviews, Razorspike reminds me of Nosecone from the Technobots.  The body types are similar - they're both wide bodied. 
So I've copped a couple of poses from the magnificent photographer brr-icy.  While pouring over his blog and Flickr account, I just realized how much better the figures look when posed like this.  You can get a better sense of the detail on the figure.  Hopefully, he's ok with that.  I hope. 
Overall, I'm very impressed with how Razorspike turned out, even if I put on a sticker or two at a crooked angle.  I couldn't find the tweezers that I use for applying decals.  Guess I'll need to buy another one.  One thing that I didn't do while shooting pics was to show the shield.  Like Tailclub, the foot for Glacialord can mount on a shoulder as a shield.  I'm still not a fan of that, as it looks odd to me.

That's it for Razorspike,  Next up - the odd saga that is Megazero!


  1. Reminds me of Nosecone both in stature and in color scheme.
    Does the drill/horn fold down to stick straight out?

    1. No, the horn doesn't fold down. It's actually pretty sharp, so if you get one, be careful.

  2. I'm fine with it :) if you look closely at all five of them, there are striking similarities to the Technobots in all of them, When at TFcon last year, this was mentioned to be on purpose

    1. Thanks! I'm just glad that I wasn't going crazy by noticing the similarities between RetroFuture and the Technobots. Now I'm wondering why they decided to include those similarities.