Friday, March 7, 2014

Glacialord Part IV - Megazero
Imagine my surprise when, anxiously expecting word on when the last three components would ship, that I log on to Facebook and saw the above picture on the Charticon page.  To go with the picture, was a little story about how the shipment that contained Megazero had been damaged by the Chinese shippers and was now lost at the bottom of the ocean.  Gullible me, I didn't even consider for a moment that this was some sort of prank from the Fansproject people.  Word soon spread that Fansproject had secured a second shipment from a Korean warehouse.  Again, gullible me.  The point of the Retrofuture project was to make it seem as though these were old figures that had been unearthed only recently.  Sometimes, sometimes I just don't think well.  That's what I get for trying to relax while at work.

Thanks to the "Korean warehouse find", my Megazero shipped on January 20th, and arrived at my door two days later.  Gotta love two day shipping.  So, was Megazero worth the imagined anguish?

Whoops!  Antlers are transformed incorrectly!
Megazero is an Irish Elk, which died out around 8,000 years ago, but newer studies seem to suggest that they may have died out more recently.  At any rate, I like this alt mode, it's unique.  Off the top of my head, I can't think of any actual Transformers that have had a deer or elk alt mode.  Also, I can't think of any other Technobot to compare him to, so that's pretty nifty.

To the Isle of Misfit Toys!
Once you slide the tab on his back, the trainer can ride.  I actually had trouble getting the trainer out after I took this picture.  I pushed him in way too far, but luckily, nothing broke or got scratched.  Megazero is constructed well.  With the way that the trainer is on Megazero's back, I keep wanting to make reindeer jokes.  No clue as to why, but they keep popping in my head.  Perhaps the trainer is working with Megazero so he can join in on the reindeer games?  I'll stop now.

Here we have Megazero in robot mode.  There really isn't anything exceptional about him, but I like the way the colors work on him.  The elk head turns into a sword.  I'm not really keen on it, since the sword isn't really held correctly; the edge should be facing out.  I suppose I could turn the handle, but these things only occur to me as I type up the review, not during the photo shoot.
Here's Megazero from a different angle so everyone can get a better look at the sword.  Megazero's elbow joints are amazing to me, for some reason.  They're the only point of articulation on him, and I'm fascinated by them.  I'm a weird guy.

Overall, Megazero isn't anything to write home about.  His robot mode is what I've come to expect for a figure that is trying to mimic G1 style figures, albeit slightly updated.  The sword could have used more work, but it serves it's purpose, I suppose.  The most interesting aspect to Megazero is the elk mode - it's a mode I've never seen before.  I think that if I wasn't displaying Glacialord in his combined form, Megazero would be the one that I'd keep in alt mode. 

Coming soon to a computer screen near you: a giant beast lumbers across the frozen tundra, desperately searching for sustenance.  In the distance, he spots another of his species, but something's off.  This beast doesn't have a scent.  The mammoth charges at the interloper, only to discover something amazing.  The scentless mammoth before him changes shape before his very eyes revealing a metallic warrior - Tuskor!  Tune in next week for "Not Without My Tusks!" starring Sally Field and Tuskor!


  1. Good little prank by Fansproject there. It did take quite some time for this figure to ship to you though didn't it? That first pic you have posted also could pass for a scene out of a Transformer's movie.

    I think I prefer Razorspike a lot bette from your previous posting a lot better than Megazero. In comparison, I never really could get into the "Beast" animals as Transformers (when I say that, I'm referring to the kind similar to the "Beast Wars" and such and not figures like Predaking).

    1. Of the limbs, Fangro is probably my favorite. There's something about him that i just love. And yes, that was a great prank. I still can't believe I fell for it. As far as the shipping time, once it finally shipped, it only took two days. They were shipped out of Washington, so it came fairly quickly. As far as actually getting to the point of shipping, yeah, that took a bit. I think I preordered the last three in early December and they shipped mid-January.

  2. Technobot? Strafe. the two giant yellowy orange antlers to coincide with the vehicle weapons

    1. Of course! Strafe! Why didn't I think of that?