Monday, March 10, 2014

Glacialord Part V - Tuskor!

Ah, the majestic wooly mammoth.  The titan of the frozen tundra.  The owner of the biggest pair of tusks ever.  The leader of a disparate group of prehistoric mammals?

Tuskor was released last summer as a sort of early bird special at TFCon along with Tailclub and Fangro.  Since I don't keep tabs on the goings on of 3rd party companies, I had no idea about them until I read some reviews about them from Arkvander's Mostly Transformers Redux and Pax Cybertron.  After reading these, my curiosity was piqued, but I couldn't find the three that had been released for less than $500.  There was no way I was going to pay that price.  Thankfully, Fansproject released everyone later in the year.  Tuskor was part of my shipment of Megazero and Razorspike.

Having a mammoth isn't anything new.  In Beast Wars Neo, there was Big Convoy, who was a Mammoth, and then there was the TFCC exclusive Ultra Magnus which was a repaint of that figure.
Big Convoy
 The mammoth mode is pretty bulky, as befitting a creature of this stature.
Sadly, Tuskor's legs don't move while in this mode.  There is articulation with the trunk, but I would have liked some leg articulation.  However, this is a very majestic looking figure.  Let's see how the trainer looks while mounted on Tuskor.
Safari, anyone?
Transformation is pretty straightforward, and after a few twists and some folding, you have a robot.
Wait, something doesn't look right.  Oh, I forgot a step.
That's better.  I'm not really sure why the trainer is needed if there's a head readily available for use.  At any rate, the mammoth's back forms a shoulder mounted shield.  I'm still not a fan of the idea of a shoulder mounted shield, but at least I don't have to worry about misplacing it.  Tuskor's gun is his trunk.
While not going to Big Convoy extremes, Tuskor does have some considerable back kibble.  Still, it looks good.  Articulation is pretty limited, but that's the point of this subgroup.  There are a few nice features about the figure that really come in to play when forming Glacialord, but we'll discuss those when we get to him.  Coincidentally, that's the next post!  See you next time!

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