Monday, July 7, 2014

Generations Cosmos

I don't have a lot of flowery things to preamble this review with, so we'll just dive right into it.

Between Cosmos and Swerve, I would have to say that Cosmos is my favorite.  While both are great figures, Cosmos is able to do what Swerve cannot: turn his head.  It's a relatively simple thing, but it really makes a difference.  Growing up with G1, a head that can turn left and right is a marvel of engineering.  Cosmos definitely looks a lot more beefy than his G1 incarnation.  Look at those fists!  He's practically ham-fisted. 
Cosmos uses those giant mitts to hold his partner Payload in gun form.  Swerve got the better gun, I have to say.  The space shuttle as gun look just doesn't work for me.
Here's Payload in his shuttle mode.  It's a Micromaster shuttle!
Payload actually looks pretty nice in robot mode.  I'm not too familiar with Mini-cons, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but this mode is killer.  The arms look fantastic.

The updated UFO mode is spectacular.  This thing looks like some real effort was put into it.  The thrusters on the back and the guns on the front make this a standout mode while still retaining a very G1 feel.
I do find it odd that Payload isn't able to mount onto Cosmos' UFO mode.  Of what I own so far, Cosmos is the odd man out in this regard.  Then again, I only own Cosmos, Swerve, and Tailgate. 


  1. Still can't find this guy at local retail and all the stores are sold out of him frustrating!

  2. I really like Blastmaster (i refuse to use the renames) very reminiscent of his G1 version (back half of the shuttle from the Astro Squad) kind of curious why you have his shoulders down like he is depressed haha

  3. I keep looking for these at local retail but no luck yet.