Monday, July 14, 2014

I decided to upgrade my Seaspray because it was time.  My original Seaspray had been dismantled a few times over the years and as a result, he was missing his wheels.  There's also the fact that his joints were super loose; Seaspray's head wouldn't stay up in robot mode and wouldn't stay down in hovercraft mode.  Definitely not good.
I think that everyone has a Seaspray.  Maybe he was issued to every kid during Halloween, I'm not sure.  Thanks to a good purchase on eBay, I got this Seaspray with tech specs.  I'm not really into collecting the specs anymore, but it's cool to have. 
I'm not going to go into any kind of background detail or give any back story on my love of the character.  Instead, I'm just going to show off a few kind of decent shots of him.
Seaspray - Autobot.  Seaspray - sounds like he's drowning.  Seaspray - cool 'bot.


  1. I loved this figure as a kid! This and Inferno are the only two G1 figures I've considered buying back someday. Nice shots man.

  2. I still remember bringing him home from vacating at Universal Studios Hollywood back in the day!