Monday, September 8, 2014

Several months ago, I saw an ad on Craigslist for a huge lot of Transformers for $200.  I jumped on it immediately.  I actually sold most of what was in the lot on eBay and I more than paid for the the four figures that I kept.  The first figure that I'll show from the lot is Spinister.
Spinister's alt-mode is an Apache helicopter.  That's purple and pink; very 1990's.  He's actually a very good looking helicopter.  Not as good looking as Vortex, but definitely top 3. 
Hairsplitter and Singe, Spinister's Targetmasters, can attach to this mode via the ports hanging off the side of the chopper.  I'm sorry to say that I'm not sure which one is Singe and which one is Hairsplitter.
Can you identify these guys?
 The Targetmasters are pretty standard fare.  Spinister is my first Decepticon Targetmaster, believe it or not.  While I have every Autobot Targetmaster, save for Blurr, I didn't own a single 'Con until I ran across this great lot. 
Here's Spinister in robot mode.  I rather like this mode.  In my opinion, Spinister looks better when his weapons aren't combined.  Quickmix looks great with both weapons combined.  The blades on his back look great, almost like there are swords there.  There should be some sort of upgrade kit for that.  Someone give this bot some swords!

I don't have a lot to say about Spinister, other than I can't believe that he was in this good a condition when I pulled him out of the box.  He needs some new decals, but that's easily fixed.  Excelsior! 

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