Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Finally! Generations Skids! Finally!

I think it was a year ago, roughly, when Generations Skids was released to general fanfare in the collecting community.  He was also nearly impossible to find.  I never even sniffed any of his wave-mates at any store in my area.  Because of my inability to find Skids, even at online retailers, I believe that I, uh, whined a lot about it.  Sure, he was readily available enough on eBay, but there was no way I was paying secondary market prices for a new figure.  Finally, a ray of hope - around February or so, I placed a preorder for Skids from, and patiently waited.  As days turned into months, BBTS announced that Hasbro would be making another production run on the entire wave that Skids was in and it would be released in September.  Score!  If only I had remembered to cancel my preorder wit ToyWiz.  Alas, I now own two Skids figures.  That's right, I went from none to two in the blink of an eye.  They actually arrived within days of each other.  Hoo-Hah?

I tried something new with Skids' photo shoot with the blue background.  It's not too great.  Skids' alt-mode is a Honda Fit or something.  He's definitely some sort of sub-compact car, like his G1 incarnation. 
Like most Generations figures, Skids is able to mount his weapons in vehicle mode.  The Dodge Dart may not look scary, but just wait until one is barreling towards you with guns ablaze.  Scared yet?
Here's Skids in all of his Alex Milne goodness.  Skids is surely the most armed Theoretician in the universe.  Look at him - two hand-held guns, wrist lasers, shoulder-mounted cannons, and what I'm assuming are missiles in his actual shoulders.  Never, ever tell Skids that his hypotheses are incorrect.  He just won't have a good rebuttal, but he'll probably just blast you.
Speaking of guns, I keep popping the wrist lasers out and I don't know why.  Also, Skids' two pistols combine to form a bigger rifle.  It's pretty great.  I love how the rear wheels from the car still wind up under Skids' feet, like the G1 version.  Posing is both fun and easy with this guy.  I've been able to get a myriad of poses with Skids, but I was too lazy to actually photograph them.  Imagine them for me.
Finally, we have a shot of Generations Skids slumming with his G1 counterpart.  Naturally, the G1 Skids that I own is the Encore version.  Don't hold that against me; I'm a real collector, I swear.  I was actually a bit stunned to realize that both of these guys are roughly the same height.  For some reason, I was expecting Generations Skids to tower over his more primitive self.  Shows what I know.

Was Skids worth a nearly year wait?  Primus yes.  As for the second Skids?  My oldest son will have a nice treat under the tree on December 25th.  Nice indeed.  Next time - Waspinator!

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