Monday, October 27, 2014

MP-20 Wheeljack

I can't believe that I get to do a review of Masterpiece Wheeljack.  This has been a long time coming.  It was a bit longer for me, however.  The month of September was a very busy one for me.  One week, I got the wave containing Skids.  The following week, the wave containing Windblade.  UPS made a killing off me with shipping, so I decided to turn on my Pile of Loot option at BBTS, knowing that Jetfire and Wheeljack were to release soon after.  What I didn't realize was that I wasn't going to get in on BigBadToyStore's initial shipment of Jetfire.  My Wheeljack was placed into the pile pretty quickly, but I had to wait another two weeks for Wheelack.  Two long agonizing weeks.  Everywhere I looked, people were posting about how great Masterpiece Wheeljack was while I waited, dejected.  My wait is over and it was worth it.
Let's start with Wheeljack's alt-mode.  It is truly a thing of beauty.  Takara really went all out with the deco on Wheeljack.  There's a nice balance between toy and cartoon accuracy.  Curiously, the side mirrors must be snapped off a sprue and then placed on the car.  Why, I'm not sure., but it doesn't detract at all from the splendor of the Lancia.
 I don't recall Wheeljack ever having an attack mode in the cartoon, but it's been awhile since I've watched the series.  Does that make me a bad fan?  I don't care.  Regardless, it's a mode he has, just like the rest of his Masterpiece car brethren.  One thing that set's Wheeljack's missile launcher apart from Bluestreak's and Sideswipe's is that Wheeljack's missile is removable.  While great in concept, I'm irrationally worried now that I'm going to lose the missile.  It's not like it's spring loaded or anything.
Here's where things start to get real with Wheeljack - robot mode!  I can't say enough about how great this is.  The bent legs just really make this figure.  I've always wondered why Wheeljack was in a permanent squatting position on the show, but at least his figure matches his animation model now.  He's equipped with one shoulder mounted missile launcher, as he should be.  There's a third party add-on that will give you two launchers like the original toy, but I think that's missing the point of the Masterpiece line.  The tiny pistol is very show accurate as well.  The only thing missing are light up panels on his face.  Good lord is Wheelack pretty.
Not only is Wheeljack beautiful, he's also poseable.  I've never been that great with posing my figures in action shots, but I think I did a decent job here.  It's only now that I realize that his wings aren't aligned correctly; I really need to stop taking these pictures at 2:00 in the morning. 
I opted to purchase the Wheeljack that came with the coin and the anti-hypnosis device.  I still don't know what to do with the coin.  I have quite a few of them, and they're still sealed in the little sleeves.  Is there a coin binder that these will fit in?  I'm loathe to get more of them, seeing as how I'm already experiencing space issues that forced me to get rid of my G.I. Joe figures.  Still, the coins come with the little bonus accessories, and they look great.  I'll just have to suffer, I suppose.  First world problems and all that. 
Because I haven't touched my Masterpiece  Grimlock is years, I've decided to take a little photo with Wheeljack and his creation.  Father and son, together.  Makes me misty-eyed. 
Another shot of Wheeljack and Grimlock.  I had forgotten just how massive Grimlock was in robot mode.
And because it's become de rigueur to show off one's Masterpiece collection, here's a shot of my first two seasons worth of cars, minus Bluestreak.  Silverstreak is taking his spot since I'm so enamored with the deco over Bluestreak's.  I'll say that this type of shot is taking longer and longer to set up, even as horrid as mine is.  It seems that each passing month is adding another great Masterpiece figure.  I'm not complaining; I think it's great.
Finally, a shot of all of the Masterpiece Autobots released thus far.  Well, excluding Bluestreak, who again, is replaced with Silverstreak.  Bluestreak is on probation in the Detolf.  One day, one day I'll let him come out in public again.  Now I can't wait for Ultra Magnus so I can have a nice car carrier for all these guys.


  1. Awesome review of a great figure.

  2. Excellent review, I liked how you talked about the show accuracy of the toy, can't wait to get mine