Monday, October 6, 2014


Hey, another Beast Wars figure!  This time, it's Rattrap, who is apparently a scurrying little weasel willing to do whatever for power.  At least in Transformers: Robots in Disguise
Rattrap comes with two guns that are cast is a translucent plastic.  I really like translucent plastic.  The one thing I'm not fond of with this guy are the rat feet dangling from his back.  They seem to be in a permanent jazz hands pose. 
The guns combine to form a larger rifle, which I prefer. 
Rattrap's face is designed to more closely resemble his animation model.  It's a good looking face.
Funny story about Rattrap's rat mode.  I showed it to my 3 year old and she freaked out.  She ran away screaming.  Anyway, the rat mode is vastly improved over the old Beast Wars version.
My favorite detail with Rattrap is his ability to stand on his hind legs.  The tail is rubber with a wire running through it, like a Gumby toy, which allows for some posing options.  Again, in this arrangement, Rattrap has jazz hands.  As you can plainly see, Rattrap's rifle stores in his undercarriage.  Now that's another figure to add to the Beast Wars shelf.

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