Monday, September 29, 2014


Seemingly an eternity ago, I got Rhinox, from the Generations line.  Since getting him in the mail lo those many months ago with Whirl, Rhinox was just sat on my desk, unopened.  For months.  Every once-in-a-while, I'd pick up the box, look at it, and just put it back down.  It's not like I didn't care for Rhinox. On the contrary, I was really excited when it was announced that he was getting a figure in the Generations line.  I think my general burnout had started to take effect with Rhinox.  Now that it's over, I've finally decided to open Rhinox, and all of the other figures that were just sitting there, waiting to be freed from their prisons.
Beast Wars used to be a pretty divisive series when it was around.  I'm not really sure if it is these days, but I do rarely see "Trukk not Monkey!" statements on the subject these days.  Most vitriol seems to be centered around Michael Bay these days, but I digress.  At any rate, I was always a fan of the series, but not of the figures.  From the entirety of Beast Wars, I own exactly four figures: Megatron, Optimus Minor, Transmetal 2 Cheetor, and Optimal Optimus.  All but Megatron were gifts.  Something about the figures just didn't appeal to me; they just didn't look all that great.  Thankfully, toy engineering has come a long way in the past 20 years.
Here's Rhinox as he is straight out of the box.  The first thing to strike me was just how bulky he looks.  He certainly looks like his animated version.  The second thing to strike me about this version of Rhinox is how loose his legs were.  While not floppy, they're a smidgen looser than I feel they should be.  It took me a few tries to get him to stand when trying for different poses.
For some reason, there are Maximal symbols on his head.  I don't remember Rhinox being into tattoos, but he must be now.
Rhinox comes with two Gatling Guns of Doom, which spin when the buttons on them are pressed.  I'm guessing that I named these guns back in my twenties when I owned the Saturn of Doom and drove it around town.  The poseability on Rhinox is great.  And he still retains his massiveness when posting.
"Sir?  There's a rhinoceros on your back."
When Rhinox isn't mowing down Predacons or Decepticons with his Gatling Guns of Doom, they can be easily stored on the backs of his arms.  There's the requisite kibble on Rhinox's back, but there isn't as much as I thought there would be.
Rhinox's rhinoceros mode is pretty realistic.  The only thing missing is a couple of oxpecker birds on his back.  So much of this mode is soft plastic, which is a nice touch.  I think harder plastic would get ruined over time.  Right now, this is how he's displayed on my new Beast Wars shelf.  That's right, I have a Beast Wars shelf now.  That is pretty awesome, if you ask me.

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  1. I've got a Beast Wars shelf the Takara version of Rhinox, Generations Rattrap & Waspinator, Henkei! Cheetor and the TFCC freebie Depthcharge and Rampage.