Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Generations Crosscut

Ah, Crosscut.  He was a Senator, apparently.  He's also an aspiring playwright.  He's also a redeco of Skids.  That's...that's the extent of what I know about Crosscut. 
I don't really have a lot to say about Crosscut.  If you have Skids, then congratulations, Crosscut is just like him.  Well, I had posing problems with my Crosscut.  His legs are bit looser than I'd like.
I waited a couple of months before I opened his, for reasons that I can't explain.  I suppose that he just got lost in the shuffle of all of the great figures that I had coming arriving to me at the time.  Who knows.  At any rate, Crosscut is a figure now, and he won't cost an arm and a leg to get like his G1 eHobby figure.  Way to go, Hasbro.

On a separate note, check back this Friday for another post.  If everything goes to plan, I'll have two posts a week until the end of the year. 


  1. I only got him to put with my G1 Crosscut. Similar to you, I haven't opened mine yet either and I've had him for several months too. I do look forward to making a comparison gallery using the two toys.

    Too bad Hasbro couldn't include a mini scooter like his Diaclone/eHobby toy had.

    1. For some reason, I was really expecting a scooter. I don't know why, but I was.

  2. I have the Skids myself but he is yet to be opened.

    Crosscut's vehicle mode certainly doesn't stand out to me (and neither does Skids) but WOW! Crosscut's robot mode really pops with that nice red colouring they threw in there. No I have to get him!

    I still need his eHobby release but I just haven't got around to it since it's not a priority item for me at the moment.


    1. Yes, I so need the eHobby Crosscut, but he's going to have to wait.