Friday, November 21, 2014

Generations Jetfire

It took me a while to get Generations Jetfire in my possession.  While everyone else was posting pictures on Facebook and reviews on their blogs, I had to sit patiently, waiting.  I pre-ordered Jetfire from BigBadToyStore as soon as it went up, but apparently, I was placed into a second group of pre-orders and had to wait until October for him to ship.  Whatever the wait, he was worth it.

This latest iteration of Jetfire blends the elements of the original G1 figure, which was the Bandai Macross figure, with modern touches.  Jet mode, without all of the armor, is a sight to behold.  Not only does Jetfire look fantastic, he looks like he'd fit in well with and Macross or Robotech collection.
However, armor is something that Jetfire is known for, and he does come with a bit, albeit not as much as the G1 incarnation.  The main add-on is the booster pack up top and a couple of guns on the bottom.  Hasbro seems to have infuriated a lot of collectors with the addition of red chrome on the armor pieces, which is odd, since Takara deco's always get tons of love due to the fact that chrome is a main draw.  Just goes to show that Hasbro can never win.  There is a process for removing the chrome that can be found on any TF message board, but I've decided to just keep my chrome.  It isn't nearly as bad as many seem to make it out to be.
Jetfire's booster pack swivels for some reason.  Maybe it's supposed to double as an artillery delivery system?  It's just an oddity that I'm not really fond of.
Jetfire's gun can attach to the bottom of the nosecone for added firepower.  This is the only instance of me attaching the gun to the jet mode. 
A neat feature of the jet mode is that the canopy opens.  If only I had a little figure to stick in there. 
Robot mode is where Jetfire really shines.  He's proportioned well and just looks imposing.  Jetfire's new and improved robot mode has been featured in the pages of the IDW Transformers book. 
Jetfire's chest is highly reminiscent of Skyfire's chest in the G1 cartoon.  Look at how bulky his is.
For some reason, it has been decided that Jetfire has a removable battle mask.  Remove the mask, and you get a normal face, like the Skyfire version.  I'm not really a fan of the battle mask treatment.  I'd rather not have the normal face.  One thing that I did not photograph is the guns' ability to combine to form a super weapon.  It's o.k., but not something I'm really fascinated with.
Here's Generations Jetifre with Classics Jetfire, a figure I was never fond of.  The size difference is noticeable. 
Next, we have Generations Jetfire with G1 Jetfire.  They're about the same size.  Yes, my G1 Jetfire is a bit yellowed, but I'm a bit at a loss at how to whiten what needs to be whitened without ruining the rest of the paint.
Here's all three together again, for the first time.  Man, Classics Jetfire is such a runt.
Lastly, all three in jet mode.  The odd nosecone from Classics Jetfire sticks out like a sore thumb.

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  1. Still on the fence about getting this guy.

    If I were to, he would strictly be a figure to open and play with. TRU had him going for $59 which is utterly ridiculous while Walmart had him at $30.

    I think in the end I may end up passing on him since I still haven't found an original G1 one to my liking as well as getting myself a Macross Valkyrie.

    Nice posting!