Monday, March 16, 2015

Robotech 30th Anniversary 1/100th Scale VF-1A Max Sterling

That's a heck of a title.  Robotech figures are generally pretty pricey, especially since they have not been released in a few years.  Sure, there are some bargains to be had with the Masterpiece Beta Fighters that no one seems to want, but the rest of the 1/55th scale figures are just too pricey when the super armor is factored in.  No matter, as Toynami have re-released their 1/100th scale figures with new packaging in time for Robotech's 30th anniversary.  While I didn't get everyone, I did manage to pick up two from the, hopefully, first wave.  I say hopefully because I'm hoping that there will be a second wave.  First up, Max Sterling's VF-1A.
This is the mainly white version with hints of blue.  Not my favorite iteration of Max's veritech, but I'm hoping that the full blue version is released soon.  While the 1/100th scale is small, about the size of a Generations Deluxe figure, it comes packed with accessories.  Each figure comes with four sets of missiles and four missile boxes.  The landing gear are detachable and don't actually store in the jet.  Overall, this is an extremely light figure.
One of the other accessories furnished with Max is a stand.  This stand comes with three attachments, one for each mode.  In jet mode, the gun is able to be displayed.  Sadly, this is the only mode that I was able to use with the stand as the rest of the modes would not securely stay on the stand.
As you can see, my VF-1A looks rather plain as I haven't added decals yet.
Gerwalk mode is pretty much what you'd expect if you are at all familiar with Robotech or have ever owned Jetfire.  What I do like about the rifle is that the stock extends.  Along with the missiles and stand, Max also comes with five different hands for various poses. 
In gerwalk mode, I'm using the gun fist and a closed fist.
Battroid mode is where it's at.  The canopy is removable and is replaced by a blast shield while in this mode.  The top of the chest actually clips into the blast shield.  There is a peg on the rifle that allows it to be attached to the forearm.  My only complaint with the figure comes with this mode.  The armature that the legs are attached to is really flimsy.  This makes the figure a bit fragile.
Leg fragility aside, this is a very poseable figure.  I've been able to do a ton of poses.  The 1/100th scale figure feature up/down and left to right articulation at the neck, shoulder, elbow, hip, thigh, and lower thigh articulation.  The legs and elbows also rotate a full 360 degrees.
Here, I'm using the left hand that allows him to hold the barrel of his rifle.  Looking at this, I can't help but remember that I'm not a fan of the single antenna veritechs.
This is perhaps my favorite pose.  There is a fifth hand included, an open left hand.  I was unsure of what to do with it until I came up with this pose.  My kids thought I was crazy when coming up with this pose because I kept kneeling on the floor trying to figure out how the legs would work.  Some waist articulation would lead to an even better pose, but veritechs aren't known for that.
Did Max Sterling's veritech satiate my desire for a full on 1/55th scale figure?  Not in the slightest.  However, he is a very nice figure, leg fragility aside.  I would have included the second 1/100th scale figure I got in this review, but I did a little something different with that particular figure.  You'll be able to see exactly what next week.  Salut!

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  1. nice write up, looking forward to seeing more robotech/macross items