Monday, March 23, 2015

Robotech 30th Anniversary 1/100th Scale Miriya VF-1J With Super Armor

Last week, I reviewed the VF-1A and while Miriya's veritech is essentially the same figure with a different head and deco, this instance is a bit different.  After I had opened my VF-1A, I noticed that his head was completely broken off, so while I waited for the return process to pay off, I did some digging around on the Internet and discovered that Super Armor sets were available for the 1/100th scale figures.  BigBadToyStore didn't have any, but ToyWiz did.  I wasn't certain what would come of my adventures with Max's veritech, so I decided to just get the armor for Miriya's.
As you can see, I have added the decals to Miriya.  The armor basically just plugs into ports on the body.  To add the thrusters, there are tabs on the backpack that need to be removed and then new ones installed.  The Super Armor set comes with new missiles which look much better than the original ones.
Here's an overhead shot of the VF-1J.  Very reminiscent of Jetfire, for obvious reasons.
Gerwalk mode.  I must say, these figures look so much better with the Super Armor.  Miriya's veritech is downright resplendent in red with the gray armor.  The decals make a huge difference as well.  One thing that I noticed with my particular figure is that there is blue on right leg where there should be red.  The left leg has the correct red where the landing gear are.  No matter, as it really doesn't detract from the overall impressiveness of the figure.
Battroid mode just looks great.  The two antennae versions always look superior, in my mind.  I was worried that the addition of the thrusters on the back would lead to some stability problems, but that wasn't the case.
Whereas my VF-1A could not fully be supported on the stand in anything but jet mode, the VF-1J has no such problem.
A nice addition to the armor set is the cannon.  The front of the thruster is removable and the cannon just pops in.  I don't remember the cannons ever being used on the show, but according to the instructions, this is for a movie-styled look.  I haven't seen the movie, so I'll just take the instruction's at their word. 
Hopefully, Max's solid blue gets released as I'd really like to get that with the Super Armor.  Why didn't I get Rick Hunter's veritech or even Roy Fokker's?  Simple - I never really cared for them.  They look fine, but Max and Miriya have veritech's that just really stand out.  Thus concludes my foray into the world of Robotech figures.  For now. 

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