Monday, June 15, 2015

Combiner Wars Quickslinger

First off, let's just get this out of the way - Quickslinger is a horrible, horrible name.  I know that there were rights issues and all that, but surely someone could've thought of a better name.  Stupid name aside, I managed to snag this guy on before he sold out.  From here on out, he shall be known by his true name.  If you don't know what that name is, you may have stumbled across the wrong blog.
Super Slingshot?
Right out of the box, I had an issue with Slingshot's landing gear.  As evidenced, it will not stay put while in robot mode.  This means that Slingshot is constantly getting hit in the back of head by it.  Being an online exclusive, it's not like I could just return it and get another one.  Everyone was sold out of this guy.  No matter.
Slingshot is a retool of Combiner Wars Firefly, also known as Fireflight.  Chaned from Fireflight, that I can tell are his head, and that's about it.  The new head sculpt closely resembles his animated model.  Everything else about this guy is exactly what you got with Fireflight. 
Here's Slingshot in jet mode.  Other than the color, he's identical to Fireflight.  I think the real reason that everyone snagged Slingshot is so they could have a G1 accurate Superion.  What does that look like?  Glad you asked.
Well, there isn't a helicopter as an arm, but Superion looks pretty much the same.  Still looks pretty rough, however.  I don't care what my kids say.

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