Monday, June 8, 2015

My Kids Review Combiner Wars Superion

After posting my review of Combiner Wars Superion, I felt a little off.  I condemned the figure, even if the review was short, I think it conveyed just how little I cared for the figure.  Still, I don't want to be one of those guys that just shoot out the negative about figures.  Then again, I'm not a sycophant that immediately loves everything that's released either - I'd like to be fair and balanced.  I also remembered that while adult collectors are kept in mind when new figures are designed and introduced, these are toys meant for kids.  With that in mind, I decided to let me kids have a crack at both playing with and reviewing Superion.  I had each kid spend time with Superion and do whatever they wanted with him.  I didn't try to put any of my ideas about Superion in their  and let them form their own opinions.  Let's see what they have to say.

Aidan - Age 9

Aidan was fairly impressed with Superion.  He spent about 10 minutes playing with him on the coffee table in the living room.  Here's his analysis:
" I like how it's made out of fiver different robots!  When you split his chest open, he looks like a giraffe!"
Giraffe mode
"I like that his ears are made of rubber and that his gun splits apart.  I don't like that his gun won't stay in his hands the right way." 

Olivia - Age 6

Olivia spent about 10 minutes playing with Superion as well.  She ran around the room with him making airplane sounds.  She had a lot to say about Superion, so we'll dive right into that.
Superion's jet mode

"He's so cool!  He can turn into a jet and he can fly so fast!  His gun looks like a rocket!  His antennae let him talk to animals and his colors are so cool!  I don't like how his gun is hard to hold in his hands, and his legs go everywhere.  I also don't like how his arms mess up while I'm flying him."
So far, two kids agree with me on the gun issue.  Wonder if a third kid will agree?

Caroline - Age 3

I had to pry Superion away from Caroline after about 30 minutes because she really enjoyed playing with one of her dad's figures.  She didn't have a lot to say, but what she did blew my mind.

"He turns into a little man, but sometimes he becomes a horse!"  I have no idea how he could turn into a horse, and Caroline couldn't tell me how this happened, either.  Caroline was just adamant that Superion could turn into a horse.  Anyway, Caroline continues: "Your big robot keeps hitting me with his gun and he keeps attacking my favorite toy.  He shoots bad guys in my room, too."
Superion attacking Caroline's favorite toy
Well, that about wraps up my kids reviewing Superion.  I also had the baby play with Superion a bit, but all he did was drool on him, which is what any 8-month-old would do.  It was a blast seeing the kids play with a Transformer without any preconceived notions, just kids playing with a toy.  Seeing all of that actually made me appreciate what Hasbro has done with Superion a little.  I still don't really like the guy, but the kids sure as heck did.

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