Monday, September 22, 2014

This is the second of the four figures that I kept from the job lot that I purchased several months ago.  It's funny, for a guy that loves Headmasters, my collection is rather scant with them.  I currently own Siren, Brainstorm, Fort Max, Encore Fort Max, Scorponok, Skullcruncher, Apreface, and Snapdragon.  Pretty small for a Headmaster lover.  You gotta love good deals.
I'm surprised at the good condition that this Hardhead is in.  There's chrome wear on the treads, but that's about it.  Both guns were in the box, which was a nice treat.  Having owned the few Headmasters that I have, I'm aware that articulation is not something that's common with them, but Hardhead's extreme lack of it is somewhat shocking.  His arms move up and down, and that's it.  Know what else is shocking?  This:
The flap for the tech spec reader is intact!  Most of the Hardheads that I've run across on eBay and the like almost always have a stress mark or it's just completely broken.  This one, this one is splendiferous in it's intact state.  I had thoughts on opening up the flap, but luckily, I slapped myself before something stupid happened.  As you can see form this closeup, Hardhead is in need of a good cleaning, but he's in otherwise great shape.
Something else that I never expected with ol' Hardhead is just how hollow he is.  There really isn't anything on his backside.  He's like a shell.
Hardhead transforms into a tank.  A heavily armed tank.  Seriously, there's the main turret, and then two rifles on the side.  If you're on Nebulos and run across this tank, stay away.
Duros, Hardhead's partner, sits comfortably in the canopy.  For a robot that's super hollow, the tank mode is very solid.  I really like the tank mode more than the robot mode.  The tank looks so formidable. 
The chrome wear on this side of the treads isn't bad at all.  I still can't believe how lucky I was to get Hardhead in this job lot.  Complete even.  Not bad for something that I just pulled out of a box of random stuff.


  1. sweet, he's a cool piece, the hollowness was a little shocking the first time i got my hands on him too. I managed to get him in the lot with liokaiser etc in pretty much mint shape minus the labels, glad to have him.

  2. I love this guy, he was my first (and only) Headmaster I had as a kid, he still holds a special place in my collection.