Friday, May 15, 2015

Combiner Wars Superion

Now that I've gotten Air Raid, it's time to look at the new version of Superion.
I'm using the somewhat classic configuration for Superion, with Alpha Bravo in Sling Shot's spot until Sling Shot is actually released.  Superion certainly looks massive.
The first thing that I don't like: the really long arms.  And I mean really long arms.  Long arms that end in fists that are overly large.  Both are just too out of proportion.  I understand the fact that fists are designed to double as feet, but man, that those fists are just way too big.  It's funny that while the fists are so large, the feet wind up so small.
On the plus side, man is Superion capable of striking some poses.  Still, look at how weird the fists look.
A minor quibble that I have is with the gun.  It doesn't seat well in the fists.  Mine is extremely loose and pretty much just moves to wherever it wants.
I really wish that my G1 Superion could pull off a pose like that. 

Let's just end with a shot of G1 and Combiner Wars Superion.  This was meant to be a really in depth review where I'd talk about what I liked and what I saw as problems with this new line of combiners, but I really can't muster the energy to write about these guys anymore.  I'm apathetic about the line, and I think that what little I wrote shows that.

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